Players Prepare To Strike On Monday

Players Prepare To Strike On Monday

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 17, 2010
  • MLS CBA, Players Strike

I seriously was hoping my next CBA story would be my last, the one where the two sides came together and all were happy. Apparently that won’t happen anytime soon. The news is getting worse and now the strike is getting moved up a few days to Monday.

Indeed the days are getting darker here as Monday approaches. My guess is the players moved the date of actually striking up to Monday in case they do come to a deal before the start of the season on Thursday.

Word has it its really coming down to the issue of free agency.

“There’s no way the players are getting free agency — no way,” a source close to both sides said to Steve Goff. “These are stubborn owners and they are not going to budge on this one. There is a deal to be done out there, to avoid a strike, but the players have to realize [free agency] is off the table.”

I wouldn’t be shocked to hear if the players aren’t budging on maybe one or two other items too right now.

I’m all for people standing up for what is right and what they want but at some point they have to realize when the battle they are fighting isn’t doing any good at all. Both sides need to be reasonable but more importantly they need to work together to reach an agreement here. It seems like that is something they aren’t even close to doing right now.

The players need to go back to negotiating instead of demanding things while the owners need to loosen up a bit and work towards something positive here. I still think the owners have made all the concessions that they’re going to make and for all we know they could be reasonable items. The players are backed into a corner and striking is nothing more than counterproductive at this point.

I did see an interesting¬†proposal¬†from someone who’s been on the inside of things in the past. Peter Wilt posted his thoughts on something the two sides could agree on here. I’m okay with some of it but I still think the free agency issue is one the owners will not move on at all here.

All I can say is right now I really don’t want to talk about this issue on here until Monday (or before if something does get reached). I still feel like in the final hour a deal will be reached but even getting to that point is already putting a strain on the league’s fans.

  • Brian

    An MLS strike will be the death of the league. I hope each side recognizes that. Hockey and baseball both were more popular than MLS at the time of their respective work stoppages, and the arguement can be made (certainly for hockey) that both sports never recovered.

  • Massum

    hockey has still not recovered. and probably never will.
    the sides need to keep banging their heads together and get it sorted.

  • Check out what the owners think about his strike.

  • Check out what the owners think about his strike.