ESPN’s Online MLS Coverage All But Dead

ESPN’s Online MLS Coverage All But Dead

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 16, 2010
  • Steve Davis

As Fake Sigi points out this morning, ESPN has all but abandoned ship with their MLS coverage online. A WVH fave Steve Davis talked today about his move from ESPN to, one for him that makes perfect sense.

The move from Soccernet wasn’t a difficult call. You needed a CSI techie to find MLS articles these days over at Soccernet now, not just my own, but those written by esteemed former ESPN colleague Jeff Carlisle.

New management is in charge at Soccernet, and I don’t get the feeling that MLS is not a big part of the plan going forward.

That last sentence speaks volumes and yes if you’re wondering I did cut out a sentence from that paragraph by Davis and I broke it up to put more emphasis on that last line.

Anyways, Fake Sigi has a good rundown of all the soccer journo changes in recent weeks. Honestly I don’t see this as an end of changes right away. TIAS’ Adam Spangler has been tweeting for a couple days now that there is another change on the way, which may involve Jen Chang who recently left ESPN as well.

As for what ESPN does have left, it seems as though the aforementioned Carlisle, Kristian Dyer, and some dude named Leander that most of you already don’t like. Dyer is currently pumping out MLS season previews with New York, Kansas City and Philadelphia recently posted.

Overall I’m happy to see SI beef up their MLS coverage. It was decent for a while but nothing worth checking out on a daily basis for me but now I’ll definitely be a regular. As for ESPN, I’ll just keep my fine-tooth comb handy when I want to find MLS coverage on their site.