On Esky and Concussions

On Esky and Concussions

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 11, 2010
  • Alecko Eskandarian

Some sad news earlier today, Alecko Eskandarian is going to have to sit out a bit longer due to his on-going battle with concussions.

In an email to Steve Goff, Esky said the following:

“As a result of injuries that I suffered, I am being forced from the game of soccer at this time. I have not been able to receive clearance by doctors, and therefore I must take a step back to focus on my health and recovery. This has been a very frustrating and disheartening realization for me, and I don’t think the reality of it has set in yet. However, after consulting with several doctors, it is clear that I have no other option at this point in time.”

Retirement wasn’t a word used but believe me based on all the concussions he’s had over the years tells me he’ll have to hang his boots up soon enough if he doesn’t get any better. Goff mentioned that he is looking at other career options at this point too.

I can tell you first hand what concussions do to you. Back in my playing career I had a hand-full of them. I had two broken noses that resulted in concussions, and another couple concussions from others from just normal run of play. They aren’t fun at all and getting over a couple of them in a few years time is not easy. Still to this day I have neck problems and get headaches and migraines.

I’d hate to see Esky have to hang it up because of these things, mainly because I know the feeling. He really hasn’t been the same guy since his first one a couple years back. But each time he was out on the field he definitely gave it his all. No doubt he was a big fan favorite where ever he went.

If he doesn’t make it back on the pitch I’m sure he’ll always go down a big fan favorite for all. No doubt his Red Bull drink goal celebration is still one of the all-time best goal celebrations in league history.