League and Red Bulls Need To Pull Trigger On Agudelo

League and Red Bulls Need To Pull Trigger On Agudelo

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 5, 2010
  • Generation adidas, Homegrown Talent, Juan Agudelo

When you have a young star waiting in the wings you need to act smart and¬†relatively¬†fast. Right now the New York Red Bulls want to do just that with U-20 and Red Bull academy star Juan Agudelo. He told the New York Post’s Brian Lewis yesterday the only hurdle remaining is waiting to see if MLS meets the Generation Adidas counteroffer his camp presented them with.

Red Bull fans should know that Agudelo is probably one of the best homegrown talents the league has produced thus far. He’s inexperienced but loaded with plenty of potential from what folks have told me around the league. Current Red Bull star and designated player Juan Pablo Angel went as far as to say that he is the most MLS-ready teenager that the league has seen, even more so than former Red Bull Jozy Altidore.

The club and fans want him but the hold up as always is with the league and the contract. From the sounds of it Augdelo and his agent want something a little better than the homegrown talent contract that the league is handing out to academy players. From what I’ve been able to gather those contracts aren’t very big in terms with other Generation adidas-like contracts (apparently there are some GA elements to the homegrown talent contracts). My best is Agudelo wants something similar to what the league and Philadelphia Union gave Danny Mwanga earlier this year.

Honestly if the league wants to produce good, quality local talent, they need to get a deal done with this kid. They’ve already paid good prices this winter on young stars so adding another one to the mix shouldn’t be an issue. This kid should show the progress the league is making in their homegrown talent. By not signing him to a deal this year will only set the league back in this department.