Looking Back On Today

Looking Back On Today

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 25, 2010
  • CBA Discussions, Collective Bargaining Agreement, MLS Players Union, Players Strike

What can I say, today was quite a day. Going in we knew it was going to either be a strike or nothing at all by the players. Some folks around the Internet said it would definitely be a strike while others were more optimistic and said it wouldn’t be.

Next we heard the players would release a statement and that got the ball spinning even more. Talks of walking out or striking really started to come up more with some folks saying it was definitely going to happen. Now I’m not calling any of those folks out for getting wrong or bad information but thankfully they were wrong in this instance.

Then 5pm came and for a few minutes we all stood around holding out breath for a one paragraph statement from the MLSPU that said the players wouldn’t be striking.¬†At that point we all exhaled and moved on.

Shortly after the players release the league sent out a slightly longer release. That release had a little more to it than the players itty-bitty statement. Once again MLS president Mark Abbott came out and said detailed proposals that have addressed issues brought up by the players. Honestly its hard to say at this point when those proposals were made and what exactly were they.

The wording though by the league does sound a little better at this point though. Or at least they hit on the main points that we’ve all been seeing for weeks now, “guaranteed contracts,” “options and the ability of a player to move to another MLS Club if he is released by his current Club” and so on and so on. Hopefully the league bringing up these issues does mean they are trying to find a way to make their players at least somewhat happy here.

With the players not striking today it basically means to me that the players union is out of options at this point. They knew striking was a last resort and honestly I’d imagine not all of them really wanted to go down that dark path at this point. They know in a World Cup year it would only make matters worse for their own. Plus I’d imagine not all players signed off on a strike anyways, there’s probably some agreement within the Union to have a certain amount of votes before they can act on something.

For right now the CBA will expire tonight and the players will at least for the time being be good sports. I don’t think we should assume a strike won’t happen at all here but at this point I doubt it will happen from the players. It seems as though the preseason is back on for now and folks in Arizona and Florida can see some quality games this weekend. Speak of that for a moment interesting to see MLS clubs go to the same locations as baseball teams to train here…honestly I love it.

What did you all take away from today’s madness? Still see a strike happening? Think the players will get anything out of this here? Let’s hear it.