“D” Day For MLS

“D” Day For MLS

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 25, 2010
  • CBA Discussions

Yes today is the deadline for the CBA in Major League Soccer. Now no one has come out and said it will be by 5pm or midnight or when today. But it is today nonetheless.

I wanted to start off today with an interesting take by Brian Straus, which may be one of the better thoughts on the labor issues surrounding the veteran players, not the younger players.

MLS has no incentive to make the Hartmans ($165,000 in 2009) and van den Berghs ($227,000) richer. It does have an incentive to leave as much space under its salary budget as it can to acquire notable players from overseas and to retain top young American talent — the kind of athletes that will generate interest in a league in which the vast majority of teams are still losing money. League officials already think many players are overpaid based upon what they’d be able to command from a club overseas, if anything.

Interesting. He had some other thoughts I wasn’t totally in agreement with but that one made me think a bit.

I had been planning all week on posting my overall thoughts on this madness but really the more I read into everything that is written the less I want to. Its all made my head hurt like never before. I’m still optimistic here that something will get done in the final hour but right now it hasn’t sounded good.

We do know that some players at least aren’t going to strike here. That’s positive to hear. I still think a strike by the players does nothing to change the issue here for them. They want certain things so badly but the league still holds all the power here. I think moving to a strike won’t kill off soccer in this country but it won’t help either, especially in a World Cup year. I think Kenn Tomasch put it well earlier, there wasn’t soccer for ten years before MLS and the game didn’t die here.

Hopefully we’ll have good news to report later on today.

  • tstaub

    Soccer didn't die, but that doesn't mean it wont suffer heavily from this

  • Soccer didn't die, but that doesn't mean it wont suffer heavily from this