Ralston Signs With AC St. Louis

Ralston Signs With AC St. Louis

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 1, 2010
  • AC St. Louis, Steve Ralston

I waited a while today to get to this news that most of you have already seen. AC St. Louis in the USSF’s Division II league announced it’s first big signing today in hometown boy Steve Ralston.

Big news in some ways and in others, eh, not so much.

First of all Ralston was one of the last MLS originals left on the table. He decided last week to not re-sign with New England and MLS. Now we know it was because he wanted a move to his hometown to be a player/assistant coach with the new D-II club.

That’s all well and good but I honestly don’t buy into the thoughts that this is a bigger deal than some are making it out to be. I’m sure some MLS clubs wanted him but the fact that he didn’t want them should tell you all you need to know. He was ready to make this move, it wasn’t forced on him. Had it been more of a forced move then I would see this as a bigger deal.

It is a bigger deal for the USSF’s Division II or the NASL for that matter. Ralston’s name adds some¬†credibility¬†to this new league but he’s not gonna sell out stadiums in that league anytime soon. His impact will be seen more off the field with his new club than on the field.

As for MLS losing one of it’s originals hurts but only in the short term. I still see him coming back into the league down the road as a head coach…probably in New England for that matter.

Let’s face it even though he was an assist machine in MLS the last two years he was hurt more than most would like to admit. Now we know Revs fans are worried that all the offense is gone and dried up with him gone now. I honestly don’t buy that for a second. Maybe I’ve drank the Steve Nicol kool-aid more than some but I am a big believer in his coaching style, it isn’t flashy or sexy but it does get results. Make no mistake the Revs will be in a lot of low scoring games this season. They’ll find a way to come out on top in some of them.

I’m happy for Steve and hope he does well in his hometown.