Not Falling Into The Deep End

Not Falling Into The Deep End

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 25, 2010
  • Bob Bradley, Honduras

Not much to celebrate on Saturday for Clarence Goodson and Brad Davis. (Getty Images)

I spent the weekend away from the computer for a reason. I wanted to basically have some free time to do things non-soccer related for a change but I did make some time for the USMNT’s match against Honduras. Let me just first say that I went into this match with little to no expectations for our boys. Sure I thought a win would happen but it was merely a meaningless match that turned out to be just about that.

Some will fall into the deep end about this game and there are some that are probably working their way out by now after this 3-1 loss to our CONCACAF mates. While it wasn’t the best way to start a World Cup year but honestly it wasn’t the worst. Why? A good chunk of the players who played on Saturday won’t even be in the true discussion come June for Bob Bradley.

In other words there is no reason to get truly upset over our team which fielded a bunch of third and forth level national team players losing to Honduras. Had it been our main squad with Landon Donovan, Tim Howard and company then there would most certainly be a reason to get upset today.

Bradley used a large MLS base of players on Saturday and while that is all good and fine here it showed that the depth isn’t there like it should be. Maybe three or four of those guys on Saturday will be in the discussion for South Africa but the rest really shouldn’t be at this point.

Not that there is anything wrong with trying out a few fresh faces either. Bradley has been known to do that a lot in the past and quite honestly it has worked well for him in my opinion. This past weekend was a trail for the majority involved. A couple shined and showed they proved to be in the mix while a majority showed they aren’t on the same level as those in the mix.

To me Saturday’s loss showed the third and maybe forth level of talent just isn’t up to par with other countries. I think we can safely say that here after seeing that game. No this wasn’t a B team or even really a C team for me on the field. And on that note I really hate labeling teams A, B and C.

So to those who fell over board this past weekend, get your head up and get back into the boat. South Africa is only a few months away and our first team boys will certainly put on a better show than what we saw this past weekend.