More CBA Fun

More CBA Fun

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 6, 2010
  • CBA, CBA Discussions, MLS Players Union

I’ll admit, I don’t want to dive into this whole CBA mess. The more I look at it the more my head hurts. I still believe and fully expect something to get done before the new season kicks off.

Today a few bloggers out there give their take and keep us all up to date. The best however maybe a summary from Jason Davis at Match Fit USA. Better yet, Davis pretty much gives us a short preview of what the discussions will ultimately end with.

Party A: “We want X, Y and Z.”

Party B: “No.”

Party A: “Okay, what if we drop X and you just give us Y and Z?”

Party B: “Maybe, but we still don’t like it.”

Party A: “Well screw you then, we’re striking.”

Party B: “Okay, okay. We’ll give you Z, but that’s it.”

Party A: “Okay, but now we want Y, too. And X as well.”

Party B: “Are you mad!? That’s it, we’re locking you out!”

Party A: “Wow, you’re testy. How about Z and part of Y then?”

Party B: “Deal.”

Party A: “Cool. Let’s go get drunk.”

For some reason it just made me laugh.

Other good looks at the CBA and its mess are seen over at the Fake Sigi blog. FS has done a pretty good job digging up the dirt in this situation. Another interesting article came this morning from Soccer America, which breaks down the points that were presented yesterday by FIFAPro’s release for the players. If there is one article you read in response to what the players said yesterday it should be that one by Soccer America. Some very interesting points made.

And if you are wondering what the league had to say about all that fuss made yesterday from the players, go to Goff’s blog. It was kind of a bitch slap if you ask me to the players.

  • Scads

    Good stuff. And to think we have another 3 weeks of this.

  • Good stuff. And to think we have another 3 weeks of this.