Time For Freddy To Come Home

Time For Freddy To Come Home

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 29, 2009
  • Freddy Adu

A return to MLS may be just what Adu needs.

Freddy Adu’s time at Portuguese club Belenenses appears over, likely for good according to reports out of Europe (via SBI).

Belenenses has a new manager and he is cutting some dead weight, including Adu.

Adu had struggled for playing time with Belenenses since his arrival in the fall, but will now face even stiffer competition for minutes at Benfica. More than likely he will be either loaned out once again by the Portugese club or cut all together.

I think it is time for Adu to cut his losses and return to a place that he can actually get playing time, Major League Soccer. Sure he has never lived up to the hype that was once billed on him at 14 years old but he is still young enough to re-write his story here. A return home I believe is the answer even though it will come at a cheaper price than what he is use to.

There’s no doubt that Adu wants to be apart of the US National team picture and the only way he is going to even get a sniff at it is with playing time. Coming back to MLS will easily give him the playing time he needs to develop properly here.

Right now Philadelphia is atop the allocation order, followed by New York and San Jose. None are great destinations for Adu, or even ones he’d want to be apart of here.

Where do you think Adu ends up at? In a Scandinavian league or back home in MLS? Would you want him on your club here?

  • soccerlimey

    The simple answer is that if the players are good enough , they will play . If you look at Brad Friedel , Clint Dempsey , Tim Howard , Brian McBride etc , they start for their respective Premier League teams because they are high quality players . Adu , like Beasley and Edu , have done nothing to make their managers put them into the line-up . Beasley finally broke the ice last week for Rangers and may now get some extended playing time , but his problems go back to World Cup 2006 where his effort was appalling.

    I watched the Hull Man Utd game today and Altidore pulled up with cramp after 60 mins . That is unforgiveable considering he's a professional . It shows he just doesn't work hard enough , which is a failing that unsuccessful American players also have when they go abroad .

    Remember too , that Adu is on loan so he's not a high priority player especially if he's off form . they can simply return him to Benfica.

    I think Adu will probably get another shot with a new coach , but if he doesn't perform , he'll be back on the bench.

    The hype that surrounded his debut was way over the top and he has suffered from unrealistic expectations . He does not yet have the confidence to play overseas .

    Remember Landon Donovan . He was brutal during his first trip to Germany and it has taken until now for him to regain his confidence . We'll see how he does in January with Everton but Adu should pack his bags……………………………

  • rsltraf

    We don't want him back here in Salt Lake. He didn't do a dang thing the first time he was here except for scoring a penalty and claiming a goal that was really an own goal. Didn't seem like he was a team player in his time here. He got tunnel vision every time he touched the ball and the defenders would just push him out of the way.

  • byob

    L.A. Galaxy is the best option. Why did LA win the west after a terrible year and should of won the MLS Cup but chocke. Bruce Arena is perfect for Adu and Galaxy as well. Open your eyes people, Adu must come back to MLS and must join Galaxy one way or the other. Adu wont come to a sucky team or low money, it has to be Galaxy or Seattle or a team oppening a new stadium

  • Soccerstar

    I got word that freddy is going to play in Greece.

  • Soccerstar

    I got word that freddy is going to play in Greece.