WVH Mock Draft Version 2.0

WVH Mock Draft Version 2.0

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 24, 2009
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I know version 1.0 was released just last week but a lot has changed since then in terms of players signing with the league and some not signing with the league. With the recent news of a few Generation adidas signings plus a few other rumors out there about other potential signings things needed to be reflected here.

There are changes at the top too. I had said before that I wasn’t totally sold on Philadelphia taking Ike Opara as the top pick and today that change is reflected because of it. I do believe he is still the best player but their needs aren’t in defense right now. It is possible that someone could trade up to that number one spot (maybe Toronto) too.

A lot of things also rest on what New York actually does with their pick at number two. Some believe they won’t take Dilly Duka while some folks like myself can’t see anything but that happening.

Anyways, below is the second edition of the WVH Mock Draft. Feel free to leave you comments below.

2010 WVH Mock Draft

(* = underclassmen)
(! = Generation adidas signing)

1. Philadelphia Union – Corbon Bone*, M/F, Wake Forest

Bone rises up from four to one this time mainly because I see him as a guy that fits a few needs for Philadelphia right away. Not only will he be able to step in and contribute right away but he’s an offensive player that Peter Nowak needs right now. Someone to facilitate things in the midfield.

2. New York Red Bulls – Dilly Duka*!, M, Rutgers/U-20

No change here for New York from last time, I just struggle to see them take anyone else even if Duka isn’t the best player available at this point. Duka wants to be in New York and they’ll make it happen.

3. San Jose Earthquakes – Ike Opara*, D, Wake Forest

Opara slides down to three in my mind right now. Sure New York should grab him at number two but San Jose would love nothing more than to see arguable the best player in the draft slide here. Lots of quality defenders have gone in the three spot over the last couple years like Omar Gonzalez and Tony Beltron.

4. Kansas City Wizards – Teal Bunbury*!, F, Akron

Last time I had Bone here and with him already off the board it makes sense for the Wizards to stay in the offense mind-set with Bunbury. He’s signed with the league as a GA player and would be able to make an impact on day one with the Wizards.

5. FC Dallas (from Toronto FC) – Tony Tchani*, M, Virginia

Tchani slides to number five though I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see Kansas City gobble him at number four. Tchani is a guy that will help out from day one which is why I have him going here. I don’t see Dallas taking two Generation adidas players this year. Schellas Hyndman wants good youth that can contribute right away and Tchani is that.

6. FC Dallas –  Toni Stahl, M, UConn

Even though I have Dallas taking a midfielder at number five I still see Stahl going to Dallas at number six. Some will say Dallas will shop one of the picks but right now something tells me they’ll shop picks in later rounds rather than one of their two first rounders. Stahl adds depth to a midfield that could be losing Dave van den Burgh.

7. DC United – Sean Johnson*, GK, Central Florida

I left him off last week’s mock draft because his signing with the league is still up in the air from what I was hearing at the time. Apparently he is very close to signing now which leads me to believe he will go to DC at number seven. Why DC? I think no matter what they’ll either go with a defender or a keeper. Obviously their keeper situation is a little dicy right now. Johnson could be a starter at day one and he should be a Generation adidas player, which means he won’t count against the salary cap.

8. Columbus Crew (from Colorado) – Andre Akpan, F, Harvard

Last week I had Oregon State’s Danny Mwanga but from reports I’ve seen he’s turned down a few offers that the league has given him to look at trails in Europe. So he’s off the board (for now) and Akpan moves up since the Crew need offense in this draft.

9. New England Revolution – Zach Schilawski, F, Wake Forest

With Akpan moving up the board Steve Nicol will have to look else where to find some offense so enter Wake Forest’s Schilawski. If Akpan doesn’t fall here this is probably where Nicol and company will go, they typically seem to go for ACC players.

10. Chivas USA – Amobi Okugo*, M, UCLA

A very talented prospect that apparently is close to signing a Generation adidas deal with the league. Should he sign look for him to land with Chivas who could use a young talent like him in the midfield. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him on the field a bunch next season if he does end up with Chivas.

11. Seattle Sounders FC – Austin de Luz, M, Wake Forest

I had de Luz going to Chivas last week but he moves one spot down to Seattle. I think he add some depth to their midfield, which is always needed considering the schedule load that the Sounders will get this season with the CCL games.

12. Columbus Crew – Ofori Sarkodie, D, Indiana

Sarkodie falls from the top ten to number 12 but he’ll go to a very good team in the process. I had the Crew taking a defender in last week’s mock draft and I’m sticking with that thought here. Sarkodie is still a day-one starter in my mind, even for the Crew.

13. Chicago Fire – Blair Gavin*!, M, Akron

This pick will more than likely be sorted out better in the coming weeks as we learn who will be coaching this club. Gavin seems like a solid fit for the Fire too as he will provide some needed depth in the midfield. We could also see them go for Wideman or McInerney here.

14. New York Red Bulls (from Houston) – Kwame Watson-Siriboe, D, UConn

I was hot on the Red Bulls will go with a keeper deal last week but after a few changes here I’m staying defensive but going with a center back. Watson-Siriboe will be a starter day-one for this club too.

15. LA Galaxy – Jack McInerney, M, U-17 MNT

I really don’t see any change to this pick from my last mock draft. LA just signed three Brazilian players on loan and adding a Generation adidas player seems logical since he will be kept off the books for the salary cap. I know McInerney is a quality player but I have trouble seeing him go too high in this draft. A lot could change if some at the top don’t sign with the league but for now he seems like a good fit here.

16. Real Salt Lake – Cameron Brown*, M/F, UNC

This is one pick that really is a pure guess on my part at this point. RSL does have a bunch of needs but by sitting at the last spot in the first round really keeps them from grabbing some of the top talent in this draft. I still believe RSL needs offense and will go this direction. Brown is apparently close to a Generation adidas deal here and from what I’ve seen out of him this season he would be a solid pick here for RSL.


Again, a few changes from last time including the ones at the top. With guys like Danny Mwanga and Luis Gil reportedly going to Europe a few things had to change. I know there are still a few quality players I left off this second mock draft but that could all change if some guys like Tchani, Bone or Opara don’t sign with MLS. Also we have to still consider the coaching changes at Chicago, DC and New York for this draft will shake things up a bit as well.

  • Jason

    Other sites have had DC selecting Johnson, but, to me, it’s a baffling choice. DC just signed Hamid as their GK for the future, so why would they turn around and pick up another GA project? Unless Johnson is ready to be the next Frei, it’s a wasted pick. DC doesn’t need to go after another third project GK in less than a year, as they can trade for a veteran goalkeeper or sign Cronin off his loan. I agree that DC needs help everywhere on the field, but Sarkodie, Okugo, or Siriboe would help them right away in places where depth is already weak.

  • I had Corben Bone as my first pick originally and then switched him–mostly because no one else saw him going first. Heh. Maybe I'll move him back next time . . .

    I'm wondering though–do you see a large difference among the top midfield prospects in the draft? Opara is easily the best overall choice, but there's about a half dozen midfielder who all seem to be fairly closely ranked.

  • Jason

    One other thing: why would the Fire pick a midfielder when their defense is in shambles? Prideaux, Soumare, and Segares are all gone, while Conde is in his last year of his contract. Wouldn't they look to build for the future by going for Siriboe?

  • Jason, just like I mentioned DC, Chicago and NY are all tough to figure out right now. I went back and forth more this time on DC then I did anyone else. I know they have Hamid but is he really going to be starting next season? I doubt it right now.

    And as for the Fire it all comes down to who the coach is here for their pick. I agree defense seems like a way to go but so does selecting some offense as well. They're set to lose a lot this winter so its all a matter of what they want here. I put Gavin there because he's a pretty good two way player in my opinion.

  • Kaiser

    Can't take credit for this because I read it as a post on another site, but a trade between NY and Dallas would benefit both sides.

    Dallas gets: Dane Richards, 2nd overall pick (Opara)
    NY gets: Dave van den Bergh, 5th pick (Duka should still be there), 6th pick (Stahl or Tchani)

    It would help both sides as Dallas gets the defender it needs and Richard's speed on the wing, while NY could bring back a creative player on the left in VDB, open up a spot for Hall on the right wing, and bring some young midfield talent through the draft. I know NY needs defensive help, too, but they could add that through free agency.

    What do you think Drew?

  • I haven't seen that trade mentioned before but it makes a load of sense for both sides. The more I think about it the more I think it could actually happen. New York may package their other first rounder too in this but if not it would still be fairly even.

  • Jason

    How so? Richards for VdB could be a straight swap, but the #5 and 6 pick for the #2 pick doesn't seem like a fair deal at all. The only way it works for FCD is if they get some other lower pick (the #14 or a 2nd rounder) or allocation money. FCD doesn't need players, while NY really can't afford to move the only quality players they have.

  • Kaiser

    I agree its not a totally balanced deal, as another pick (maybe a 2nd rounder) or $$$ might be needed, but in its foundation the deal works. The 5 and 6 for 2 is basically so Dallas can get the best central defender in the draft (some say the best overall prospect) to fill a major need.

    Once again, not my idea, but I thought it sounded like a good deal for both teams

  • Jason

    Out of curiousity, where did you read the idea? I'm just wondering if it's conjecture or from an actual source.

  • jaquelinegrin

    I´d like to know about Paulo da Silva?

  • Kaiser

    Read it on Ives' site, though it wasn't posted by Ives (if he had posted I would be taking it a lot more seriously). I believe it was posted by a Dallas fan in reaction to the Mock draft. Basically its just conjecture, but I thought it sounded like a good deal for both teams and made sense on a couple different levels, and was interested in hearing what some others thought about it.

  • Jason

    Out of curiousity, where did you read the idea? I'm just wondering if it's conjecture or from an actual source.

  • jaquelinegrin

    I´d like to know about Paulo da Silva.

  • Kaiser

    Read it on Ives' site, though it wasn't posted by Ives (if he had posted I would be taking it a lot more seriously). I believe it was posted by a Dallas fan in reaction to the Mock draft. Basically its just conjecture, but I thought it sounded like a good deal for both teams and made sense on a couple different levels, and was interested in hearing what some others thought about it.