Robinson, Van Den Burgh Being Shopped Around

Robinson, Van Den Burgh Being Shopped Around

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 23, 2009
  • Carl Robinson, Dave van den Burgh, Trades

A couple quality veterans in Major League Soccer could find new homes this winter. Both Toronto FC and FC Dallas are both putting a veteran midfielder on the trade market.

Last week it was reported that FC Dallas was shopping Dave van den Burgh, just a year after he was traded to Dallas from New York. Now today the same New York team could be getting both van den Burgh and TFC defensive midfielder Carl Robinson. Duane Rollins at the 24th Minute is reporting that TFC is hoping to trade Robinson in the coming weeks in order to move up in the draft and New York is a club that is interested.

New York landing both van den Burgh and Robinson in trades would instantly improve their pathetic midfield that could barely produce anything last year. The big wonder is will a deal get done for those of these players before a new coach is with the club.

On the other end for Dallas losing van den Burgh is a weird situation considering he wanted to be in Dallas in the first place last year. It turns out according to a couple people I’ve spoke to down here in Dallas it is a salary cap thing just like Ives reported last week. Dallas didn’t re-sign him but will retain his player rights thus a trade is likely to happen between Dallas and whomever wants van den Burgh (most likely New York).

As for Toronto here its all about dumping salary for Preki. He’s already gotten a load out of the way with a couple releases of guys like Amado Guevara and Pablo Vitti, throw in getting rid of Robinson’s salary and Preki will have close to a million to work with this winter. New York however does want TFC to pick up some of Robinson’s salary here though, which as Rollins reported is holding up any deal.

The big thing for Toronto is moving up in the draft. Right now they currently sit outside of the first round after a trade with Dallas last year. Its no secret they need defense and with some of the top defenders in college likely to be apart of this draft they will need to find themselves in the top half of the first round to get one of them.