Wizards Pick Kansas City, Kansas For New Stadium

Wizards Pick Kansas City, Kansas For New Stadium

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 18, 2009
  • Kansas City Stadium, Stadium Talk
Rendering of the potential KC Wizards Stadium.

Rendering of the potential KC Wizards Stadium.

According to a report in the Kansas City Business Journal, the Kansas City Wizards have picked a new location for their potential new home at the West Village in Kansas City, Kansas.

“Although the formal agreements have yet to be inked, we’re confident enough in the pace and direction that, starting next week, you’ll begin to see yellow machines on site at Village West in Kansas moving dirt, at our expense,” Heineman wrote in the letter, posted on the Wizards’ Web site. “We really need to move ahead on some site preparation so that we can open the stadium mid-season 2011, which we’re committed to do. We’re really excited about Kansas!”

This is good news to hear for a change with the Wizards who really need to get into their own stadium before long. I think its a positive thing to hear that dirt could be moving soon and that they are already targeting an opening time for the stadium.

The Wizards are set to finalize a deal at the beginning of March for a 18,500-seat stadium.

The new stadium was originally going to be in Kansas City, Missouri but lots of delays forced the Wizards to look elsewhere. You can’t blame them for finding other spots for a stadium. Let’s just hope this deal works out and something actually gets built.