MLS SuperDraft Watch (Round 6)

MLS SuperDraft Watch (Round 6)

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 10, 2009
  • 2010 MLS SuperDraft, Amobi Okugo, Darlington Nagbe, Paulo de Silva, Tim Ream, Will Bates
Will Bates has lead Virginia in scoring this year.

Will Bates has lead Virginia in scoring this year.

Yes today has been a MLS SuperDraft kind of day around with news about the combine and players potentially signing with the league to enter next month’s draft. I figured I would continue the trend with another look at things with another watch list.

Now today’s list may be rather short. If you want some big time sneak peaks at some Generation adidas information head over to as Buzz Carrick has updated that GA tracker with a lot of players, some I’ve previewed on here in previous lists and a couple that I will have here today. He also posted a list of seniors that the league is pushing hard to sign for next month’s draft. Judging by that list I’ve discussed all but four of those players…until today. I had a couple of them in line for this update as it was but two others were brand new to me, so hat tip to Carrick for the list.

Also, for another good list of players, see the recently released Big Board by SBI. You can’t go wrong with his list of players there, many of which I’ve talked about here before too. Some are names that are yet to be mentioned here.

I do hope to have a mock draft in the coming weeks. As mentioned earlier today I wanted to wait until this weekend’s College Cup was over before I did anything like that since some underclassmen may not enter the draft.

For reference on the previous rounds here (round 1234 & 5).

Tony Taylor (U-20s): I had wrote Tony’s name down months ago when I started this but some how he got shuffled around my lists here and ended up on this edition. Nevertheless he is worth looking at for plenty of reasons. There had been talk of him going to Europe but so far no deal over there has worked out for him which means a stop in MLS may be the thing for him. He’s speedy and crafty around the net and will be a good project for several teams. I kind of think he may be more like a Danny Cruz type of pick for some clubs.

Eric Alexander (Indiana): I saw this kid play in the opening round of the NCAA tournament against Louisville and thought he had some real potential for the next level. While fellow senior Ofori Sarkodie gets a lot of press this guy continues to be a rock in the midfield. He’s probably a late first rounder right now but a good combine could get him up the boards.

Tim Ream (St. Louis): Most of you know I am a guy that loves a good defense and I would love to see this kid on my team’s defense. He’s big (6’1) and physical and someone that could easily sneak up some draft boards after the combine.

Will Bates (Virginia): I have a feeling he will stay in school considering he’s only a freshman right now but if you haven’t seen him play then get use to hearing his name. He currently leads Virginia in scoring with 12 goals on the year. He does have some previous experience with the U-15 and U-17 national teams. If he comes out he could sneak into a Generation adidas contract but I’m kind of expecting him to stick around at school for another year or two here. Believe me we’ll be mentioning him again.

Paulo de Silva (SMU): He’s not the biggest forward out there and doesn’t get a lot of goals but he’s a crafty player. I sort of expect him to get converted into another role on the next level but this guy has all the tools and abilities to be a fine player in MLS. My wonder is how high will Schellas Hyndman at FC Dallas take him.

Amobi Okugo (UCLA): He really has gotten my attention during this NCAA tournament. He’s a shifty midfielder that MLS clubs have to want right now but the thing is he is only a freshman right now. Believe me had UCLA made it to the final four it would have been thanks to him, still their run to the quarterfinals was still pretty good. Should he come out expect him to go in the first round. If not he will definitely be a high draft pick next year.

Darlington Nagbe (Akron):  A lot of attention goes to Teal Bunbury at Akron (and for good reason) but teams always seem to lose focus on Nagbe. I have a feeling he will stick around for another year or two as he is only a sophomore but his talent is there. He’s a two-way player that teams love. If he stays expect another 10+ goal season with the Zips, which will only make his stock higher for next year. If he comes out this year he could be a good late steal.