Garber Meeting With Montreal Owner

Garber Meeting With Montreal Owner

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 9, 2009
  • Don Garber, Joey Saputo, MLS Expansion, Montreal Expansion

We’ve known for several weeks months that the next round of expansion in Major League Soccer would start with Montreal. The league has taken another step closer to getting to that point today as MLS commissioner Don Garber has traveled to Montreal to meet with Joey Saputo and some local government officials.

“We continued our discussions with the Saputo family about a future MLS expansion team in Montreal and had very productive meetings with Minister Bachand about securing funding for the expansion of Saputo Stadium,” Garber said following his morning meetings. “We’ve stated many times that Montreal would be a great market for MLS and we look forward to continuing our discussions.”

“We are very happy with the visit of the MLS executives in Montreal,” declared Impact President Joey Saputo. “The meetings this morning with Minister Bachand and Mayor Tremblay were very positive. It’s clear for us, and now more than ever, that the arrival of MLS in Montreal is only a question of time. We are hoping to have news in the first quarter of 2010.”

We all know it comes down to the stadium for Montreal and getting it expanded just enough to be MLS ready. In all honesty I would argue its MLS ready right now even at 13,034 seats. I mean a full Saputo Stadium will look better than a nearly empty Pizza Hut Park. I’m only half serious on that comment.

Expanding the stadium is a big deal though and I don’t mean to poke fun at any of it here. Its really a dealbreaker for MLS. But what I kind of find interesting is that why is Garber taking time away from dealing with the CBA to go visit Montreal here? That part seems weird to me.


  • Dec 9 2009
I like the idea of motreal to the league
  • Dec 9 2009
Pizza Hut Park is in the US. Saputo stadium is in Canada. He needs at least 20k seats. BMO Field is 14k seats to small and it will hold 22k in 2010. The Whitecaps will average 27,000 in 2011. No way L'Impact should even think about playing with 13,034 seats.
  • Dec 9 2009
I know PHP is in the US. Just a bit of a joke that it would look better than an empty PHP if they had to use a 13K seat stadium right now. I'm sure they will get Saputo Stadium to a good number that will match TFC and Vancouver in attendance.