Evening Links and Thoughts: Donovan Loan Move

Evening Links and Thoughts: Donovan Loan Move

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 9, 2009
  • EPL, Everton, Landon Donovan, Loan
Could we see Landon Donovan in the EPL next month?

Could we see Landon Donovan in the EPL next month? (Getty Images)

A lot has been said last night and today about Landon Donovan’s potential loan move across the pond this winter. First it was a possible move down south to Club America in Mexico but now it seems to be a loan to EPL side Everton.

He wouldn’t be available until January 1, so Everton fans who would love to see their offense get a bit of a boost by someone like Donovan will have to wait it out another couple weeks. Everton is currently 15th in the EPL table, just three spots from the drop zone. So a move for someone like Donovan is definitely needed at this point in the season.

We all deep down, whether we actually like Landon or not want to see him do well no matter where he is at. Steve Davis brought up an interesting point earlier though about Donovan and his past struggles across the pond. Davis said had he just toughed it out over there back when he was in Germany he possibly wouldn’t be the same Donovan we know today. He may even be more like Eddie Johnson, or Freddy Adu, or any number of US stars that “had” to go to Europe only to just sit on the bench and watch their careers slip away from them.

Donovan is no longer that smug teenager that we hated a while back. His career is on track and a move back to Europe is a good fit for him now, more than ever.

And that’s why a loan makes the most sense here, even if it means he could return by say April or May to Major League Soccer. Who knows how long exactly Donovan would be used by Everton. Remember last year when he went to Bayern Munich he saw some PT early on then to only see his time on the bench grow more until the loan expired. Let him get some time over in England and bring him home in time for the World Cup sounds like a good deal to me even if going to the EPL isn’t my first choice for him. I still think he is a better fit in leagues like Germany or Italy (but that is probably just my feeling).