Evening Links and Thoughts: Dallas Marketing, Califf and more

Evening Links and Thoughts: Dallas Marketing, Califf and more

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 3, 2009
  • Danny Califf, Denis Hamlett, Octavio Zambrano, Poor Marketing, Soccer Marketing


What can I say the local team here in Dallas is trying to actually market their club. Key word in all of this is “trying”. Their new “We Are Not Spectators” campaign is both sad and pathetic all at the same time. Its an effort by the club however and that is at least a start in the right direction even if this campaign is not.

For the past year you’ve read stuff by me and a few other bloggers that go into what is going wrong with Dallas and their marketing. The owners of the team, the Hunt’s Sports Group have pretty much been pathetic with their attempts to “give a damn” about their club here in Dallas (and the one up in Columbus too).

A good start but its like they didn’t stick the landing here. Jason Davis over at Match Fit USA hit it on the head (or Ginge did), its amateurish.

This new campaign website is full of problems. For one, the four people posing as fans bugs the crap out of me. Honestly none of them look like actual supporters and if they really are I can’t say I’ve seen them walk around PHP before. For one the woman in the middle of the ad look like they are scared half-to-death by something, probably the product they’ve seen on the field. And did they really need that dude with all the face-paint on?

Then if you look more into the campaign the text of it is bad as well. This whole “We don’t text during the game” should not even be there, it makes no sense really. Dallas is trying to attract the younger audience that they need down here but they confuse them with messages like this. You can’t tell a 20-something guy or gal that you can’t text during a game. Believe me that just won’t happen, at least not in Dallas.


It’s a start though. I’m not a huge fan of this whole “We are FC Dallas” thing but I could probably get use to it after a while. Sure beats the hell out of them shoving “Let’s Go Hoops” down our throats. They didn’t really know how to market that then and thankfully they gave up. Hopefully they do better with this.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m happy to see this club actually go out and do something here with their marketing. It’s a small step in the right direction to get the younger crowd that has been missing with this club. I suppose some clubs are starting to wake up and smell the coffee here now that we have the Seattles and Torontos in this league. The heat will only grow hotter as these next three clubs (Philly, Portland and Vancouver…hell four if you count Montreal) enter the league.


Califf Joins Union


Danny Califf is now apart of the Philadelphia Union and they didn’t even have to give up a draft pick in the process to get him from Houston. Still this whole player right’s thing got a lot of folks wondering here today, why on earth did Houston (or the old San Jose for that matter) get Califf’s rights for four years here? Four years! I guess that is something the new CBA could be addressing here in the coming months too.

Now the question for Philly is what will they do with that top pick in next months draft? I’d say they should still go out and get Wake Forest’s Ike Opera with it. No need to trade that pick away unless they can get a solid play maker in the midfield.


Hamlett Is Finally Out


Boy it is nice to see Luis Arroyave back in the soccer blogging here, even if it is here and there. Today he wrote up something very interesting about his relationship with the former Chicago Fire coach Denis Hamlett. More and more you can see why Hamlett was never going to work out in Chicago. I’m honestly starting to believe he is a better number two than a number one as a coach.


Zambrano Returns To MLS As Assistant Coach In KC


For some reason I love this move for Kansas City. I always thought Octavio Zambrano was a good coach that just happened to coach in New York where all quality is thrown out the window. Zambrano is now an assistant coach in KC under Peter Vermes and, yeah, this move works. KC needs offense and Zambrano is an offensive type of coach that KC really needs. KC will improve offensively next year because of this guy, mark it down.

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