Evening Links and Thoughts: NASL, Donovan, and more

Evening Links and Thoughts: NASL, Donovan, and more

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 30, 2009
  • Landon Donovan, NASL, Rochester Rhinos

So much has been made over the clubs starting this new NASL. Today we learned another has jumped ship leaving the USL-1 with only five clubs. That number could go down one more if Cleveland does what most expect and relegate itself back to the USL-2.

But back to the more topic at hand, yes another club jumped ship today and it turned out to be the club most expected to the Rochester Rhinos.

“We evaluated the situation very carefully and decided that the best decision for the future of the Rhinos and soccer in Rochester was for us to join the new NASL,” said Rhinos CEO Rob Clark. “Soccer is maturing before our very eyes.  We are joining a family of team owners who are committed to investing in our league and their teams to further the development of players and support the future growth of the sport in North America.  The NASL is a new beginning for soccer in Rochester.”

This makes club number 10 for the NASL. The new league is still waiting on official word from the U.S. Soccer Federation to legitimize its status.

Its funny the longer things go here the more clubs this league is collecting. Funny part is the longer it goes the more we wait on the USSF’s approval for this league. How will a league that may end up with about four months time to get off the ground here? They have so much work to be done I have to believe this league won’t kickoff in April like they hope to.

I’m sure they have a lot of things lined up to do once they get the approval but just public opinion (or at least mine) wise it doesn’t look good for them right now. At least get a website up and inform people about things here. A little bit of info would never hurt their cause here because press releases to select journalists and from the clubs just doesn’t get it done enough in my book.

Donovan Getting Contract Extension


Don Garber isn’t the only one getting a new contract today, Steve Goff is reporting that Landon Donovan could be looking at a new contract this winter as well. And it is a big one, bigger than any American has ever seen in this league in fact.

Honestly I don’t see him moving away from the league now. And since the World Cup isn’t until next year it makes it tough for him to be showcased on an international stage again. Staying just seems logical really but others may disagree.


White To Philly?


Towards the end of SBI’s Monday Morning post he talks about a potential Philadelphia Union signing that could take place pretty soon. Jeremiah White is looking to return to the US and according to Ives the Union could be the team to take him in with their top allocation spot. Sure this rules them out of a potential signing of Vincenzo Bernardo who is said to be coming to MLS as well this winter.

I like the idea of this move for Philadelphia. White is a talented player and I kind of like the idea of him more than Bernardo coming to the expansion club.