FIFAPro Lobbying For MLS Players

FIFAPro Lobbying For MLS Players

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 24, 2009
  • CBA Discussions

FIFPro (Fédération Internationale Des Associations de Footballeurs Professionels), the international players union, will lobby FIFA on behalf of MLS players, who maintain that the league’s contract structure violates the rules of soccer’s governing body.

This issue comes during the middle of the current CBA negotiations, as the players have consistently voiced their displeasure in recent months with MLS’s non-guaranteed contracts, ability to terminate contracts, and lack of free-agency.

Now with FIFAPro’s statements puts the league on notice that their continuing dismissal of a problem cannot go on any further even though they constantly state that their contracts are FIFA-compliant.

Let’s just say this will put the league on hot water for now. This little problem has gone from a little deal to possibly a bigger deal with an international body getting involved.

MLS commissioner Don Garber has repeatedly stated in recent weeks that the players are wrong in their comments about the contracts and that the two sides are doing the best that they can to work towards an agreement here.

Having FIFAPro in the players corner will certainly make things a bit tougher for the league here as they bring in some serious weight to the situation. If FIFA does get involved it could change how the league does business here.

I still am on the stance that something will be resolved in time here but the window is closing quickly here for both sides to come to an agreement. These next two months will be full of discussion and definitely more news will come of it.

Update: FIFA says they won’t step in here.