Evening Links and Thoughts: Expansion, Crew and more

Evening Links and Thoughts: Expansion, Crew and more

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 17, 2009
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Montreal inches closer to a MLS expansion bid.

Montreal inches closer to a MLS expansion bid.

By now we’ve all seen the lovely quote from MLS commissioner Don Garber yesterday about future league expansion.

“We’ve had productive conversations with Montreal to be our 19th team,” said Garber.

With all the issues going on with the USL/TOA crap you have to think that Montreal owner Joey Saputo is trying to figure out the best way to get his club into the top-tier league instead of a new breakaway league. Saputo probably would have gotten an expansion bid for the 2011 round had he not gone crazy over the expansion fee this time last year. Instead he is busting his ass to get a deal done as soon as possible from what folks up north are saying.

We mentioned last week that he was invited to MLS Cup this weekend by the league as well. That should definitely be a place that he is able to boost his club’s ratings up a bit to get into MLS.

But after Montreal we still have no idea who the 20th club will be. Garber didn’t bring up a name for who he thought was even in the running for the 20th club. Some folks sure jumped on the Detroit bandwagon real quick yesterday with the news about the Silverdome being bought to be used as a soccer facility. Honestly, like I said yesterday I just don’t buy that at all.

What about New York though? I know a group that seems keen on the idea still of a club in the city. And based on some recent news (or another mention) of David Beckham’s group looking at owning a club in either Miami, New York or Montreal when he is done with his time in MLS definitely sparks some interest for those guys in New York.

Go ahead and throw Montreal out of the mix for Beckham. We’ve known for ages it was always going to be either Miami or New York for him. A lot will come down to where the potential club would play and probably support from the local area. Are the Miami Ultras better than the Borough Boys? Only time will tell.

My money is still on New York even though we do need to see a club in the Southeast again sometime down the road.


No GBS Next Year?


This is not what I would call good news for the Columbus Crew or even for Major League Soccer. Apparently the Crew’s owners are going to low-ball their MVP Guillermo Barros Schelotto for a new contract. Are they stupid or just stupid? Low-balling their best player is not a way to stay competitive and if he doesn’t go for the lower contract then they are going to be shit out of luck come next season. The Hunts really need to get their act together about their two clubs.


Lee Nguyen Talks


A nice little interview with Nguyen who has been playing in Vietnam of all places. Now he is currently training with FC Dallas and would even like to play with the team in Frisco if things can work out that way. Definitely an interesting interview that is worth a read.


Clark Leaving Dynamo

No link just yet on this one, the Houston Dynamo quietly announced that midfielder Ricardo Clark would not be returning for next season with the Dynamo. Tough break but one that we shouldn’t be totally shocked by as we knew he was looking in Europe this past summer for offers. The bright side thought for the Dynamo is the salary cap break they will get as losing Clark off the books means about $220k is now available.


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