Evening Links and Thoughts: Garber, Detroit, and more

Evening Links and Thoughts: Garber, Detroit, and more

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 16, 2009
  • Detroit Expansion, Don Garber, Eric Wynalda, Evening Links and Thoughts, Houston Stadium
Garber sees growth in MLS. (Getty Images)

Garber sees growth in MLS. (Getty Images)

I’ve spent a good portion of the day collecting my thoughts on a couple subjects and then it happen to be the same day that MLS commish Don Garber had his State of the League address. Yeah, let’s just say some of his comments just made my head go nuts (and your’s too judging by some emails).

For a full rundown of comments made by Garber head over to the Soccer Insider blog for lots of good quotes. Anytime The Don speaks we seem to listen and then discuss at length.

One big item that got a lot of people going loco today was the comment made about a single table format. Basically Garber bluntly told people to it’s not gonna happen next year so shut up. While I think the idea of single table is the right step for the league down the road I totally agree with not doing it next year.

The only thing I do disagree is not going to a single table format for the playoffs. What I mean by that is the league should restructure the current format to include the top eight clubs no matter the conference and get rid of the eastern and western conferences for playoff purposes. Keep the conferences for schedules and what not but let’s get rid of them for the playoffs. Basically I am tired like some of you of seeing a team from New York win the western conference and a team from Salt Lake win the eastern conference. What is this Major League Baseball 1992?

Garber also had a nice mention of future expansion to Montreal. That’s news we already knew right?


Houston Stadium Update


Cross your fingers folks because things in Houston surrounding their stadium is getting dicey because of the Mayor race. One is for the stadium issue and one is (almost without saying it) against it from the way I read things. For all of the league we gotta hope this deal goes through and the Dynamo are in a new stadium in a couple seasons.


Detroit Stadium Sold…Soccer Team On The Way?


We know MLS doesn’t know where the 20th club will be located in a couple years but don’t count on Detroit. While this news speculates a new soccer team is part of the deal to by the Silverdome don’t jump on the MLS bandwagon just yet. Seriously, don’t do it.


Wynalda Regreats MLS Time?


So he wasn’t happy about his time with Major League Soccer. Should we be shocked by this comment by Eric Wynalda? I don’t think so because he typically has these foot-in-mouth moments.

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