Evening Links and Thoughts: TOA, Crew, and more

Evening Links and Thoughts: TOA, Crew, and more

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 10, 2009
  • Evening Links and Thoughts, TOA, TOA League

Today has been a day to say the very least. The news from the TOA group that they are forming their own league certainly took over a lot of folks reading and writing today. I know it did for me as I am still going to be talking about it tonight and maybe more for the coming days. I have some more thoughts about it as well as some other items to discuss.

Interesting that this new league, that has no name is expected to just be another step below Major League Soccer here. Think about this for a minute about each club that is involved with this new league, most aren’t in a good place right now financially and a couple are looking towards MLS for their future. Additionally we don’t know what to call it and there is no PR team set up, no media site for us to look at, nothing. I know its early but this group really could have had their act together a little more if they wanted to make themselves sound legit.

Now I got to thinking earlier about each club and where they’ve been at over the last year or so. Some look good for this league while most just down right scare me for the future of this new league.

Atlanta: They had to stop operations in the USL last year because of money. I really and truly wonder if their money situation is any better today than it was a year ago when they decided not to play in 2009.

Carolina: One of the better clubs last year in the USL. Apparently they have a pretty solid group of owners here. One of the few clubs I’d be worried about in this league doing well.

Miami: Remember they barely got a team on the field in the USL for the 2009 season? Yeah, I know they have a big money backer in Traffic but we all know the issues in Miami are real even if some paint them in a different light. They don’t do well at the gate and in a new league it will be even harder to do so.

Minnesota: As reported earlier on here and other places the club is in bad shape. They just released their players because of money and that doesn’t sound good for a club going into a new league that has no history.

Montreal: Winners of the USL in 2009 and we know where they stand as far as going to MLS in a couple years. From what I’m being told we will probably hear that they are getting a MLS expansion bid for 2012 or 2013 later this year.

St. Louis: Never fielded a team in any league, ever. Don’t really know what kind of market this is and we still have to wonder if this owner (Jeff Cooper) is still holding out for a MLS club.

Vancouver: Runner up in USL, but also headed to MLS in two years. Apparently will field another club or reserve team in this new league when in MLS.

Then there is also the possibility of Tampa returning to this group to make eight clubs.

The USL front offices also sent out a nice little release today about this new league. Nothing ground breaking if you ask me, just a typical release.


Let’s Not Relocate The Crew


A retraction of sorts from Jason over at MatchFit USA about his idea to relocate the Crew. Worth a read if you haven’t seen this yet today.


FC Dallas Off-Season Plans


I always enjoy seeing what people have in-store for the off-season. Buzz Carrick lays out what FC Dallas needs to do this winter to improve for 2010. He is spot on as always with this club and hits on some items I said in their season recap a week or so ago…though he does it in far greater detail than what I did!