Duka To Sign With MLS

Duka To Sign With MLS

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 7, 2009
  • Dilly Duka

I know I normally take the weekend’s off but I do think this news is noteworthy enough to get me to the laptop to type it out. Steve Goff reported earlier today that former New York Red Bull academy player and Rutgers star Dilly Duka is set to sign with Major League Soccer.

Instead of exploring options in Europe like he had hoped after he left Rutgers earlier this fall, Duke now is set to sign a four-year deal with the league.

Goff is also saying that Duka is pretty adamant about playing for the New York Red Bulls. My bet is that since the Red Bulls have the number two pick in January’s draft it shouldn’t be a stretch to believe he will land here. I just don’t see a situation where Peter Nowak and Philadelphia will take him over say someone like Ike Opara. Remember the last time Nowak had to deal with a young star and how that turned out? I’d say this time around he won’t even go for it since Duka wants to be in New York. Plus I just can’t see a way that the league wouldn’t find a way to get him in New York (similar to the Freddy Adu situation).

This deal is pretty solid for MLS. For once a home grown talent like Duka is staying home and not going straight to Europe. The league can only hope Duka is the first of many to do such a thing and sign with the league in this kind of manner. With home grown talent being so important for the future and the growth of this league it just makes this deal even bigger.