Evening Link and Thoughts: USMNT, Playoffs and more

Evening Link and Thoughts: USMNT, Playoffs and more

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 4, 2009
  • Evening Links and Thoughts, MLS Cup Playoffs, Peter Wilt, US National Team
Will we see more of Conor Casey with the US National Team? (Getty Images)

Will we see more of Conor Casey with the US National Team? (Getty Images)

Good evening folks, I hope everyone is having a good day. Now that we are in the evening it is time once again for some links and thoughts. I only have two items tonight and really only one link.

My first thought of the night centers around the US Men’s National team and their upcoming friendlies this month in Europe. Bob Bradley should announce in the next couple weeks his roster for both the Denmark and Slovakia games.

Most people believe Bradley will use these games, as well as a couple more in January and probably in March to really fill out his roster for next summer. Both Denmark and Slovakia present their own challenges and I will try to go into that on another post down the road. The big concern right now is in the back for the US and up top. Injuries play a factor in why Bradley needs these friendlies to fill the holes as does playing time with one’s clubs.

Most figure it will be a good mix of MLS players, those not in the MLS Cup hunt, and a sprinkle of European players since the games are on European soil. More than likely Bradley won’t be able to get his biggest needs met this month though because of the MLS playoffs. Guys he will want to see more of like Stuart Holden, Chad Marshall, and even Sacha Kljestan are all still playing with their clubs in hopes for a MLS Cup.

Now things could happen and clubs could lose which may help Bradley. More than likely he will call a few surprises from the league here and some are hoping for players like Jeff Cunningham or even a Robbie Findley to be called to try out at striker. I honestly don’t want either called for that role. Sure both had a good season but they seem more fit for a January call at home than a call right now on the road. I really want to see more of Conor Casey or Kenny Cooper with Jozy Alitdore up top than Bradley trying out Findley for a game.

These two games are important since they are in Europe but I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see Bradley put out a B squad more than an A squad here. At the end of the day I just hope the squad put on the field does well and gets a quality result on European soil.


Playoffs? Talking Playoffs?


Completely switching gears here but I did mention I had a story from Peter Wilt on the MLS Playoffs that is worth a read. Wilt again gives us a few items that are really valuable to take in regards to the playoffs right now. He brings up a point that I think a lot of playoff-haters over look when it comes to MLS. The league has done a good job at remaining fairly consistent with their structure. Sure they’ve tweaked the system but its always been eight clubs. It may not be perfect but I do believe it is starting to work very well.