Evening Links and Thoughts: Coaching Craziness

Evening Links and Thoughts: Coaching Craziness

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 3, 2009
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As mentioned earlier on my Twitter feed today has been a slow day due to some bad headaches on my end. I won’t go into it much but I am feeling a little better after some medicine kicked in here (thanks to the few who asked). I didn’t have much planned for tonight but I did want to get into the coaching carousel that is going on in Major League Soccer. I nearly got into it last night but had more goodies to talk about but when the news came down this morning about Tom Soehn it seemed fitting to get into it tonight.

Anyways, we have four clubs (KC, New York, Toronto and DC) without full-time managers at the moment and from what I’ve been hearing for weeks a couple other clubs will join them along the way.

Now some obvious choices believe it or not won’t partake from what I’ve heard all season in this, that being Dallas and San Jose. Just no way right now Dallas is parting with Schellas Hyndman and same goes to Frank Yallop in San Jose. Both pretty much will get a pass for this season and I’d imagine Hyndman will continue to get a pass until he wants to leave coaching.

I also won’t get into the even more obvious choices here like your Columbus, Seattle, Houston and LA’s of the league who have solid coaching at the moment and have no plans to get rid of them or see the man in charge leave.

But as stated a few clubs will more than likely see a change and some may surprise you in the end.

Chicago: Lots of talk for the last couple months have been that Denis Hamlett isn’t happy and the Fire front office isn’t exactly happy with him. Don’t be shocked that if the Fire go out this weekend against New England that Hamlett will leave the team shortly after for good. I’d say he will be in line for another league job though as he is still a solid head coach.

Where will Hamlett go? I think in the end he will either be  back as an assistant with someone else for a year until some expansion teams come into the league.

What will Chicago do? Big changes are going to come down this winter in the Windy City and finding a good coach will be a tough one if you ask me. Some say have said Preki but maybe Tom Soehn now.

Chivas USA: Preki will probably be leaving this club, some have even mentioned that he is nearly out the door as it is. Even if they win MLS Cup this year I just don’t see this marriage lasting between the two sides.

Where will Preki go? I still believe Preki will end up in Kansas City but I wouldn’t sleep on him taking an assistant role with the US national team under Bob Bradley either. I may be wrong here but I don’t believe Bradley has replaced Peter Nowak yet. Preki was his assistant with Chivas and I kind of think it is a possibility.

What will Chivas do? They probably will turn to a Mexican coach for a change. Makes sense if you ask me.

DC United: Now that Soehn is out the door the question becomes where does this club go? I think there are some obvious choices out there.

What will DC do? I think its obvious to go after one of your own. Either Richie Williams or John Harkes should be considered as the top candidates here, especially Williams. I’ve even seen Curt Onalfo’s name mentioned out there too, but really do you want to go with a coach that never progressed with a team like KC? I think Williams is the best bet here.

Kansas City: A few folks are telling me in KC that Peter Vermes is taking the job for himself instead of hiring someone else. Honestly if that is the case don’t expect a lot out of this club in 2010. But if they do go outside I think some names are pretty obvious.

What will KC do? I think first and foremost you have to go for Preki. He was a big time player for the Wizards back in the day and I think he would be the perfect fit for this club that needs a make-over. He did well with Chivas and I think KC has plenty of talent that Preki could mold into a real winner.

New York Red Bulls: They have the answer right in front of them but more than likely this club will not go after their current interim manager Richie Williams.

What will New York do? More than likely they will go after yet another European coach for this job. No real word on who yet but there is a reason why this club is failing and it is because of the massive amount of turnover in coaching they have had over the years.

What will Williams do? I think like I said before he will end up in DC. The writing is just too clear for that not to happen at this point now.

Real Salt Lake: I’ve said for months Jason Kreis was on the hot seat but maybe this playoff run (depending on how long it lasts) could save him. But I still have a hunch that a change could be made for this club that really hasn’t shown any real signs of improvement over the last couple years. Think about it they haven’t even gotten above .500% with Kreis as manager and yet they’ve made the playoffs. That won’t happen again next year I can tell you that as the league continues to grow.

What will RSL do? If they do can Kreis or he steps away I think the job can go to assistant Robin Fraser easily. If not him then I think possibly taking a hard pitch to someone like Denis Hamlett or even Tom Soehn wouldn’t be a bad idea for this bunch.

Toronto FC: They’ve gotten rid of Chris Cummins and now the word on the street is Mo Johnston is going to be making a series push for a long-time MLS assistant. Will it work?

What will TFC do? The hot rumor right now is Johnston is going to go hard after Houston assistant John Spencer this winter. Honestly it is about damn time for Spencer who really should have been hired last year by Colorado. I just have to wonder if Spencer wants to go to Toronto at this time though.