Season Recap: New York

Season Recap: New York

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 27, 2009
  • 2009 Season Recaps, Jeff Agoos, Juan Carlos Osorio, Juan Pablo Angel, Richie Williams
Juan Carlos Osorio didn't help matters in New York. (Getty Images)

Juan Carlos Osorio didn't help matters in New York. (Getty Images)

Not much was good in 2009 for the New York Red Bulls. Fresh off a trip to the MLS Cup in 2008 many thought this could be a break out season for the club. Instead the season got started with a bang in a bad way by losing to an expansion club on opening day 3-0 in Seattle. The Red Bulls failed to get a win until the middle of April and by the time summer had rolled around the club had already lost seven games out of 12 regular season matches.

The times the Red Bulls did win was at home, all five wins came at home against clubs that had terrible road records on the year like Dallas, Real Salt Lake, San Jose and Toronto. Their only good win of the year came at home against the Columbus Crew on a day that saw the club reach it’s only winning streak of the season.

You could blame a lot of the season on poor coaching by Juan Carlos Osorio early on. Osorio changed the line-ups with this club more than most of us change clothes in a week. It seemed as though every time we turned around there was a different person in the starting lineup for Osorio. Throw that in with the fact that Osorio and Jeff Agoos made terrible calls on player pickups and the Red Bulls got to where they are at today.

When Osorio stepped down Richie Williams stepped in for the interim role. Not much changed but the club did win more games under Williams than Osorio. Still the club never won a road game all season and their winless streak on the road is growing still to this date.

So with the theme that I plan on using with all MLS clubs this year when I review their season I plan on asking a couple questions to sum things up. What went right? What went wrong? And what is next?

What Went Right In 2009?
Not much went right in 2009 but the five games that were won were done in mostly big ways when the offense actually came alive and was mostly healthy. Big results like 5-0 over Toronto on the season finale, 4-1 over San Jose, or even the 2-0 win over RSL. One could say the Red Bulls did draw six games on the year and while that isn’t bad it isn’t great either. Four of their draws did come before the All-Star break and only one was a shutout.

What Went Wrong In 2009?
Just about everything. Moves that were made never panned out to anything. Key players were hurt nearly all season like Juan Pablo Angel. The defense was by far the worst the league has seen in a couple years. You can’t have a -20 goal differential on the season and consider it good. It was certainly a season that Red Bull fans will want to forget and forget quickly.

What’s Next?
For starters finding a coach that actually understands the league setup. New York has had an issue with stability in coaching over the years and that has caused them to be the mess that they are today. Is Richie Williams the right guy for the club? Possibly but I see him going to DC instead. After finding a coach they need to gut this team. If anything this club needs to be a bit more like LA by getting the right mix of young and old on this roster. They’ve signed too many old guys that basically come here and contribute nothing. And they get too many young guys that are overrated and produce nothing. Rebuilding is going to be rough for a club that will want to do a lot for their move to Red Bull Arena. I have no doubt we will see plenty of money spent this winter by this club but it is only a matter of time before we see how well that money was actually spent.