Evening Links and Thoughts: Economy, Donovan and more

Evening Links and Thoughts: Economy, Donovan and more

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 20, 2009
  • Don Garber, Evening Links and Thoughts, Jeff Cunningham, Landon Donovan

I know today has been a little light from me. I’ve had a super busy day at my normal day job so posting items on here kind of went out of the door. I came close to posting an updated MLS playoff scenario chart but I will be honest there are so many damn tiebreakers that could happen it will make your head spin. I just didn’t want to post something that wasn’t entirely correct as I wasn’t totally sure about a couple items in the tiebreakers.

Instead I held off to talk about a few different items that caught my eye today. The first being an interesting article on ESPNSoccerNet today that talked about the economy and MLS. As we all know the economy hasn’t been all that great this last year but somehow the league has been able to withstand it and grow. Sure ticket sales have been down but then again they’ve been down in nearly every league.

The modest decline in MLS ticket sales reflects two things, in my view,” said Raymond Sauer, a professor of economics at Clemson and the renowned guru behind the Sports Economist blog. “First, MLS ticket prices are relatively modest in comparison with the more established sports, who became oriented toward the premium end of the market in recent years.”With the sudden emergence of the budget-conscious consumer in the midst of the recession, MLS was well placed relative to the big four professional leagues. “Second, the fact that the decline was so modest is another piece of evidence pointing to the long-term growth potential of soccer in the North American market.”

The thing is the league cold be much worse if it weren’t for the Seattles and Torontos of the world. But the league is known for their cost-cutting ways and you have to think that those kinds of ways have helped the league stay above the Mason-Dixon line and not be fully in the red like say the Arena Football League.


Donovan Wins Sixth Honda Award

Landon Donovan won his sixth Honda Player of the Year award on Tuesday, also earning Honda Player of the Decade honors in the process.

Yeah, how sick has Donovan been this year? Sure Tim Howard and Jozy Alitdore had solid years but you can argue that the Nats would be no where near where they are today without Donovan. He’s also emerged as a better leader this year which will be key going into next year’s World Cup. In all honesty I couldn’t see giving this honor to anyone else this year but Donovan.


Reading Eying Jeff Cunningham?


Would the Hunts really sell another star player? Uh, yes they would and in this case for a 33-year old striker they totally would. I just don’t see it happening even though Cunningham is having one of the best seasons of his career with Dallas. But a desperate club over seas that has some cash could make it interesting and some say Reading is desperate for attacking.


Garber to be on Football Fone-In


What would be more fun, asking Don Garber a question about expansion, salary cap, single table, etc. or making a drinking game out of it all? Seriously though you can hear Don Garber on the Football Fone-In next Monday the 26th. Apparently he will field calls on the state of the league and about the upcoming playoffs. This however may be one of the few times I tune into this show.