More Portland Drama

More Portland Drama

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 16, 2009
  • MLS Expansion, MLS Portland

Thanks to a couple Portland readers for sending this link my way from It seems like damage control in Portland has gone into full gear after Wednesday’s comments from Merritt Paulson who said there would be no MLS in Portland without a new baseball stadium.

Well now it appears the Paulson is once again a “100% committed” to Portland’s MLS efforts.

Portland Commissioner Randy Leonard said Paulson is back on track with where things were already going before Wednesday’s comments.

“We’re back on track, given his willingness to recant,” Leonard said. “He asked me what he needed to do, and I said, ‘Shut up.’ He said ‘OK.'”

Now the fun still remains in Beaverton where Paulson is attempting to get a new baseball stadium built. Apparently the town has a couple sites in mind for the stadium but they aren’t giving any official word as to where yet. But at the same time there seems to be some growing opposition for the new stadium.

But back to the MLS and Portland side of things. Paulson still has a few things that he will have to get to keep folks there happy, though most of these are in the long run. The city wants a written guarantee that Paulson will complete the stadium renovations along with confirmation from MLS officials that they accept the delay in the construction project and approval from the Pacific Coast League to move the Beavers out of Portland.

Just like I said the other day, Portland will be in MLS in 2011. Make no mistake about it but this baseball stadium situation is starting to put a very dark cloud over the expansion bid.

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