Evening Links and Thoughts: USL, Galaxy, and more

Evening Links and Thoughts: USL, Galaxy, and more

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 16, 2009
  • Evening Links and Thoughts, Kaiserslautern, Schellas Hyndman, USL

It’s weird to say that its been another quick week for me here but it has, this week has flown by. Tonight’s links and thoughts may end up being a quickie. I had some things planned for the day and for the week for that matter but I never got around to some of them. Blame it on time getting away from me and my normal day job. Whatever it is I just didn’t get around to a couple things. No biggie as some of them centered around the season ending awards and the playoff scenarios, which both are likely to change after this weekend anyways.

No tonight I wanted to quickly touch base on a couple interesting links. One surrounds the on-going USL issue, one is about the LA Galaxy’s post season tour in Europe and the last is about FC Dallas.

First up the USL. Apparently some folks are telling the angry USL owners to just suck it up and deal with what it happening. With the USL final this weekend players from both Montreal and Vancouver will more than likely be getting the same letter that a couple other club’s players got recently telling them they are no longer under contract with the USL. A nice parting gift especially to the club that actually wins the league (note Montreal is up 3-2 over Vancouver going into the final leg).

The Whitecaps and Impact are part of the Team Owners Association (TOA), a group of franchises, plus expansion Tampa, on-hiatus Atlanta and prospective St. Louis that are upset with the new USL ownership. Yes that is sugar-coating it but by now if have been keeping up you know the two sides just don’t get along.

Now apparently the new USL management is just telling the TOA to just suck it up and accept defeat.

You can bet after this weekend’s final there will be a load of stories that come out of the USL front office surrounding talks with the TOA. Okay, well it may be the other way around. Its the TOA who has been talking not the USL. Still whoever does talk next week will sure let us in on what is going on. I still believe that the USL and the TOA will come to terms before long. And yes I just don’t buy that MLS-2 stuff that people have been saying the TOA would turn into. They just don’t have the teams to do it unless a couple other USL clubs joined in with them, which probably won’t happen.


LA Post-Season Tour News


The last two years we’ve seen a crappy LA Galaxy team head off to Australia and other places like that for their post season tour. Now that the Galaxy are seemingly good again apparently so will be post-season tour. This time the club is cashing in on a trip to Germany to play Bundesliga-2 side Kaiserslautern on Thanksgiving day.

While I honestly don’t get the post season tour for MLS clubs, I do like the Galaxy going to Europe instead of New Zealand and Australia. Plus Kaiserslautern is really good this year so it should be a quality test for the Galaxy.


The All-Hyndman Rejects Team


FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman has made a lot of moves since becoming the front man for the Red Stripes. Buzz Carrick thought it would be nice to put a starting XI together of former Dallas players that left under Hyndman’s belt. While there is no keeper that has gone it still is an interesting collection of talent that has come and gone in the year and half that Hyndman has been in charge.

There’s even a couple guys that would be on the bench for this team as well. Some folks were quick to point out that Kenny Cooper and Juan Toja were no rejects. I’ll give them that but let’s face it they were both gonna be gone no matter who was in charge in Dallas. Plus that back-line would give up so many goals in this league it would be scary.