Best Trades of 2009

Best Trades of 2009

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 9, 2009
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Eric Brunner trade turned into a solid deal for Columbus. (Getty Images)

Eric Brunner trade turned into a solid deal for Columbus. (Getty Images)

Since we are nearly done with the 2009 regular season I figured it was high time we started looking back at the best deals that were made that shaped this season into what it has become. I say going into every year that there will pretty much be a trade that shakes up things a bit when it happens and really helps push a club towards the playoffs instead of an early start to winter.

This year there were loads of trades. Some were good and some were down right a waste of time. Now I won’t go through every single trade here today but I am going to point out the ones that I thought were good and some that were bad.

If for some reason you think I missed a trade that was noteworthy this year, just post it below.

Best Trades in 2009:

Chivas USA trades Alecko Eskandarian to LA Galaxy: When he was healthy this year this deal was a great one for the Galaxy. Esky proved to me that he still had what it takes to be an impact player in this league.

Chivas USA trades Atiba Harris to FC Dallas for Marcelo Saragosa: On the surface Chivas got the bad end of the stick, especially if Dallas reaches the playoffs. I put this in the good trade category solely because of Harris and what he has been able to do since he got to Dallas. Schellas Hyndman got a great deal when he finally shipped out Saragosa because Harris fits his system on the wings better than Saragosa ever did in the midfield.

New York trades rights to Eric Brunner to Columbus: There is a lot of reasons why New York has been terrible in 2009, their defense has been largely to blame. One has to wonder if they had been able to keep Brunner and sign him to a decent deal last year if their defense would be nearly as poor as it has been in 2009. Brunner got signed on by the Crew and has really come into his own with them this season.

LA Galaxy trade Josh Wicks to DC United: Before the injury and the kick to Fredy Montero in the US Open Cup final, Wicks was one of the big reasons why DC was playing well early on this year. After winning the starting job over Louis Crayton, Wicks proved to a lot of people that he was good enough to start in this league.

San Jose trades Pablo Campos to Real Salt Lake: Its weird, I was never high on Campos until he started actually producing in Salt Lake. If he helps get the Lakers into the playoffs this season this trade may help save Jason Kreis’ job.

Other notable trades:

Houston’s list of trades: Dominic Kinnear traded with four clubs and got four players in the process. He did his usually if he can’t get what he wants he will trade until he gets it. This year Kinnear traded twice with San Jose (Cam Weaver for Chris Wondolowski and Ryan Cochrane), once with New York (Dominic Oduro) and once with Kansas City (Abe Thompson in exchange for Kei Kamara). He also worked a deal to send Julius James to DC United. Overall not his best year of working the trades, partly due to Weaver getting hurt and Oduro not being the speedster that he was probably hoping for.

San Jose’s list of deals: Frank Yallop was also busy this year working deals. Along with the ones mentioned above with Houston and Salt Lake he also traded with DC twice early on in the season for Mike Zaher and Mike Graczyk. He got Aaron Pitchkolen from Dallas and Bobby Burling from Chivas USA. Yallop also gave up veteran defender Nick Garcia back in the summer to Toronto FC.

Young Players Sent Packing: Two trades here that saw young players traded away. Kyle Davis was won in a lottery by RSL only then to be shipped off to Dallas. New England and Colorado swapped some young talent when they swapped Nico Colaluca and Rob Valentino.