Wednesday Night Preview: Dallas at San Jose

Wednesday Night Preview: Dallas at San Jose

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 7, 2009
  • David Ferreira, Jeff Cunningham, Ryan Johnson, Wednesday Preview

Jeff Cunningham will have to continue his MVP form tonight in San Jose.

You want some playoff type drama? Good because tonight’s midweek clash between San Jose and Dallas offers just that. Win and continue on in a the little hope of reaching the playoffs, lose or tie and you season is pretty much over.

Dallas won’t completely be eliminated from playoff contention with a loss tonight but you can pretty much put a good dollar or two on the long list of things that need to happen for them to get in to only grow with another loss. A win certainly makes all things that much more interesting as the Red Stripes continue up the standings here thanks to the boot of Jeff Cunningham and the helping hand (or boot for that matter) of David Ferreira.

Unlike their current place in the standings these two should put on a good game tonight based on their current runs. Dallas is 3-1-1 record in its past five matches, scoring 14 goals in those games. San Jose is on a very impressive run, posting a 4-0-2 mark since the All-Star break.

Dallas will need to find a way to get Cunningham involved early and in space. On a smaller field like Buck Shaw Stadium it could be tougher for them to do so. They’ll also have to keep a close eye on the always sneaky Ryan Johnson. Should Johnson get the proper space in the box he will certainly put away a goal or two for the Quakes.

I think this could be a draw but I am going with the more desperate of the two teams wanting points for a playoff run right now and that is Dallas. The Quakes have been quietly impressive as of late but Dallas just looks like a club possessed to get into the post season again here. While I think their chances are slim to do it a win will certainly get them closer here with a couple games left to go. Cunningham continues his remarkable run with another goal.

WVH Prediction: Dallas 2, San Jose 1