Evening Links and Thoughts: Naked United, Fire, and more

Evening Links and Thoughts: Naked United, Fire, and more

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 7, 2009
  • Don Garber, Evening Links and Thoughts

Tonight’s links and thoughts are brought to you by the letter N…as in naked. Okay I know that was a bit cheesy but seeing the naked athlete photos today all over really well leaves someone like me at a loss for words.

If you haven’t by now seen the group of DC United players baring it all for ESPN Magazine’s photo shoot you should do yourself a favor (I guess?) and check out the photos (linked here with some funny quotes). I’m all for the league getting pub like this but did they really have to bare it all in a free kick wall? I guess it beat the other weird poses that were out there, like the one of that hockey player…damn that was creepy.

Still its good to see the players get some love even if it is in a weird way like this. Just too bad DCU is stinking up the place on the pitch.

Thankfully ESPN did get a couple hot ladies to look at, including one soccer girl.

Happy Birthday Fire


So the Chicago Fire are coming up on a birthday tomorrow. Peter Wilt fills us in at Pitch Invasion with all the good details about the first birthday with the club. So glad this club wasn’t named the Rhythm. Boy the league nearly screwed that one up by letting Nike name another team back in 1997 when this club was getting started. Funny that the only Nike named club left is the LA Galaxy. Hey one out of five isn’t bad right?

Anyways, Wilt has some great details and totally makes this a worth while read.


More on Garber Preaching MLS Structure


It may have been up for the majority of the day but Kyle McCarty’s Musings were all about Don Garber preaching the MLS Gospel to the Europeans today. The one important thing from this is in the subheading, the league and Garber do need to take some advice from others just as much as they need to present their model for stability.