WVH Power Rankings: Week 29

WVH Power Rankings: Week 29

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 6, 2009
  • 2009 Week 29, MLS Power Rankings

I’m back from the long weekend in Austin. I decided to go a head and catch up on this last night instead of just writing a bunch of posts about the weekend that I missed. Now that I am caught up on everything thanks to some highlights and some DVR I felt like starting with the weekly power rankings before I got into anything else. I’ll probably do a post in a little while about the current playoff race but don’t look for much else on this past weekend from me since I missed a good chunk of it.

Anyways, this week’s rankings saw a decent bit of moving around by some clubs. As two more clubs clinched playoff spots (LA and Houston) it was easier to see near the bottom who really wasn’t going to reach the playoffs (San Jose and KC). Right now DC and RSL really look like they have no playoff shot what so ever, while Dallas and Toronto continue to hold onto very slim hopes.

Seattle got a huge boost to their playoff hopes with the win in Columbus. Chivas USA scored a win in DC which makes me believe they may be able to pass Houston after all for one of the automatic bids out of the west.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week’s rankings.

Team Rank (Last Week) Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 12-5-10 46 pts. Just wonder if this club took the foot off the pedal with the playoff spot cliched last week. Still the result given Sigi Schmids recent success over his former clubs makes the loss not surprising.
2 (4) 11-6-11 44 pts. Back in the playoffs after a three year hiatus. Boy of they play like they did on Friday against Chicago we will see this team at MLS Cup 2009.
3 (2) 12-8-8 43 pts. The lack of discipline is really hurting this club right now. They are in the playoffs but their Supporter’s Shield hopes are going away with every red card handed out.
4 (3) 12-9-5 41 pts. LA and Houston still need to watch out for this bunch…with a game in hand they could easily over take one of them for an automatic bid out of the west.
5 (7) 10-7-11 41 pts. Sigi Schmid always gets revenge against former clubs, we know that. Now the playoffs look back on track for this bunch. I’d imagine they’ll clinch this week.
6 (3) 10-7-11 41 pts. Backing into the playoffs is this year’s Fire. They’ll probably clinch a spot this week but don’t look for this bunch to make a deep run.
7 (5) 10-9-8 38 pts. I just wonder how much longer this bunch can hold out without so many key players.
8 (8) 10-8-10 40 pts. Another club limping into the playoffs with injuries and suspension building.
9 (9) 9-10-8 35 pts. I’d be very worried about this club if I were a Chicago or New England fan. Their schedule is really easy from here out.
10 (11) 9-12-6 33 pts. Jeff Cunningham’s MVP chances continue to grow as he keeps Dallas barely in the playoff hunt.
11 (10) 8-8-12 36 pts. Go ahead…kiss the playoffs good bye. While you’re at it kiss Tom Soehn good bye because we won’t see him in DC next year.
12 (12) 9-11-7 34 pts. They have a shot but the playoffs look to be a bit beyond reach for this bunch.
13 (13) 8-11-8 32 pts. The elimination pretty much came down for good with the draw in Houston.
14 (14) 7-12-6 28 pts. 4-1-4 since July…interesting. I suppose there is hope for next year after all in San Jose.
15 (15) 4-18-6 18 pts. Ouch, 18 losses in 28 games that is just sad.