USL Still In Limbo

USL Still In Limbo

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 6, 2009
  • Carolina Railhawks, Miami FC
USL President Tim Holt.

USL President Tim Holt.

Boy I get back into town and starting seeing more USL headlines today. According to reports (thanks to Inside Minnesota Soccer), the USSF is meeting today with USL officials and TOA officials regarding the ongoing situation with the recent sale of the USL.

Apparently Tim Holt the president of USL sent letters to players for three clubs, the Carolina Railhawks, the Minnesota Thunder and Miami FC. The letter told the players they were no longer under contract with those clubs because the teams had not renewed their franchises for the 2010 season.

You read that correct, those three clubs did not renew their franchises for the next season. But apparently those clubs told their players that they were still under contract with the club but just not the USL.

But those weren’t the only clubs not renewing their franchises for next year. Both Montreal and Vancouver, the two clubs that are about to play for the USL-1 2009 crown are reported to not have renewed. Both clubs were left off the list due to their status in the USL playoffs. Once the finals are over each club’s players were receive the same letter that the players from Miami, Minnesota and Carolina got.

Either way we look at this it does not look good for the next season in the USL. We know the league is going to lose two more clubs in 2011, if not three with the talks of Montreal possibly getting a MLS club in the near future.

Once we get more word out of these meetings today we will do our best to pass it on to your all.