US-Honduras Update

US-Honduras Update

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 1, 2009
  • Honduras, World Cup qualifying

Just a little update from the desk of Steve Goff. The upcoming US-Honduras World Cup qualifier unfortunately will not be on any sort of TV. None.

No radio, no English TV, no Spanish TV, and who knows maybe even no internet feed.

Goff says this isn’t the USSF’s fault either. The media company (whoever it is) that owns the rights to this game wasn’t able to sell it to any outlet. To watch the game, which begins at 9pm CT next Saturday, you’ll have to find local watering whole or eating establishment that has purchased the closed-circuit rights. The distributor has set up a Web site and has promised a list of locations by tonight.

I won’t lie to ya, this sucks a big one that we won’t be able to see this here on any normal TV channel, even the good ol’ mun2!

Guess we will have to rely on the trusty ol’ internet to provide a decent feed.