Evening Links and Thoughts: Best Stadiums, Rosters, and Donovan

Evening Links and Thoughts: Best Stadiums, Rosters, and Donovan

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 1, 2009
  • Evening Links and Thoughts, Landon Donovan, Stadium Talk

First of all, sorry about last night and not having anything to discuss here. I honestly wasn’t feeling it and furthermore just wanted to relax and watch some of the games that were on. But I am back tonight with a couple interesting items.

The first got me really thinking. Steve Davis, the Dallas writing genius that he is posted this little diddy about the best stadiums in the league 2010 style. Of course he left off some of the obvious non-SSS venues like in New England and in Kansas City. Believe me if KC gets their stadium act together they will be near the top of my list.

Davis has his order of stadiums and I am sure he has been in a couple more of these than I have. I happen to have a little different order than his.

1. Red Bull Arena – No doubt I agree with him on this one being the top stadium dog next year. I mean even unfinished it is better than a couple stadiums out there right now. Best line of the article by Davis had to be about the minuses surrounding RBA, it’s in New Jersey so I will leave that up to your imagination to find another witty joke like he did.

2. Rio Tinto Stadium – Again, not disagreeing on this stadium. The more I see it right now the more I love it.

3. Home Depot Center – Here is where I go a little different. The HDC is still the Golden Standard of soccer stadiums in this country, at least until RBA opens. This one got the ball rolling on nice stadiums for soccer teams. But I do agree with the point that things like the X-Games render the field more pathetic than one with football lines on it.

4. BMO Field – With grass this stadium has to be up on the list. Look at the setting it is in up there in Toronto compared to others around the league. It just doesn’t compare.

5. Qwest Field – Yes this is a NFL stadium but it was designed with soccer in mind and that is why I have it so high on my list too. The Field Turf sucks but at least it lacks football lines unlike other larger stadiums around the league.

6. Union Field at Chester – While the jury is still out on this one I really do worry about how many games Union will actually get at this new stadium next year. I do love the location being by the river there but I really want to see this place in it’s full capacity before I rate it over BMO or the HDC.

7. Crew Stadium – Being the original it gets a little more love from me. I know it lacks a lot of goodies but at the end of the day I think it will end up being the Fenway Park of MLS. Though in some thoughts I don’t know how good of a thing that will actually be.

8. Toyota Park – I’ve heard both good and bad about this one. More bad than good though.

9/10. Pizza Hut Park/Dick’s Sporting Good Park – Both really aren’t any higher than the other for me. I do like the covering at DSG but just like PHP its out in the middle of nowhere.

What’s your list of stadiums? RBA gonna be the best or will there be another that ranks above it for you?

Building a MLS Roster


This was something I would have mentioned yesterday but it’s still worth talking about. This article is one of those reasons why I love the site Pitch Invasion. Articles like this really show there are good writers out there that cover this game. Anyways this time it’s Peter Wilt who stops by and gives us a real big picture of how MLS rosters come to be.

Landon Still Growing


Speaking of good writing, if you ever catch Beau Dure at the USA Today you are typically in for a treat. Today he brings us another good look at Landon Donovan and how he continues to grow before our eyes. Still wonder if Landon will ever really get to go back to Europe or if staying in MLS is all we will see him do here.

  • SDM

    Love what LD had to say about Wynalda. Just crushed him. Guess he's not very popular among the current Nats.

  • SDM

    Love what LD had to say about Wynalda. Just crushed him. Guess he’s not very popular among the current Nats.