Yes indeed there is a new number one this week. I decided that you just can’t be the top team in the land and lose to New York. You just can’t, so the Columbus Crew had to get bump down. So did the Chicago Fire and the Houston Dynamo, who both lost this past week. The club who got the nod at the top is kind of shocking based on how things started out this season.

Yes the LA Galaxy are my new number one club. Their recent form is rather impressive and I will continue to say what I’ve been saying about them for the last month or so, I can easily see them winning the Supporter’s Shield crown here this season.

The middle of the pack continues to get more jumbled up by the week. New England is starting to look like they may crash the automatic bid party in the east, probably taking over Chicago for that spot as I still believe Columbus will get one of the two auto spots from that conference.

The bottom remains the same from last week. Even though Real Salt Lake won twice last week I just need to see more than a win at home and a road win in KC (who can’t score these days). They do have two slumping teams ahead (at home with Chicago and on the road in Houston). Those two games would certainly prove to me that they are playoff worthy if they win them. Big if though.

Feel free to post your thoughts below on this week’s rankings.

Team Rank (Last Week) Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (4) 9-4-11 38 pts. Amazing that the Galaxy are 7-1-2 since June. Before that they were tying every game they played and looked nothing like a Supporter’s Shield contending club.
2 (1) 10-4-9 39 pts. Rough week but then again no American clubs win in Mexico and apparently no Crew teams win in Giant’s Stadium. Still they should have at least gotten a point in New York.
3 (2) 11-7-7 40 pts. Colorado is never an easy place to win but Houston just looked gassed in the 1-0 loss to the Rapids.
4 (3) 10-6-8 38 pts. Just when you think this club is going to start getting on a roll they forget to show up yet again. Why can’t the Fire score at home too? In 12 games they’ve only gotten 11 goals, that has to change in a hurry.
5 (5) 8-6-10 34 pts. Yes a point is a point but this club cannot drop points at home. They need wins at this point at Qwest, not draws.
6 (7) 9-7-6 33 pts. So the way things are going the next game will be a loss? This win, then lose, then win pattern that this club gets themselves in has to stop sooner rather than later.
7 (8) 9-6-6 33 pts. I think Steve Nicol’s club has the best chance to crash the automatic bid race in the east.
8 (6) 10-9-3 33 pts. Nine losses now after such a promising start. If they hit double-digit losses on the year I just don’t see them reaching the playoffs.
9 (10) 7-5-11 32 pts. Too bad DC can’t play in Toyota Park for all their games here out.
10 (9) 8-8-7 31 pts. It really should have been three points in Seattle but when you are unlucky like Dwayne DeRosario was on that open-goal miss of his, that just explains a lot on how things are going for a club.
11 (11) 9-9-6 33 pts. Great week for this club and I know I will get hammered for not moving them up at all. But this club still has a long, long way to go here to reach the playoffs.
12 (12) 6-11-5 23 pts. No game this past week and now they get DC coming into town this weekend.
13 (13) 5-12-5 20 pts. You know decent play just isn’t good enough.
14 (14) 5-10-6 21 pts. Now this club isn’t scoring under Peter Vermes. I guess they are just waiting things out before they begin an actual coaching search?
15 (15) 4-16-4 16 pts. Well congrats, they got over the 15 point mark with another solid win at home. Sad to say I just don’t see this club being smart enough to remove the interim lable from Richie Williams’ job title.