WVH Power Rankings: Week 28

WVH Power Rankings: Week 28

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 29, 2009
  • 2009 Week 28, MLS Power Rankings

As mentioned yesterday the playoff race has gotten pretty clear for me. Aside from two or three clubs I pretty much have a good understanding of who will be in the second season and who will not. The rankings sort of reflect that this week and there was some movement across the board.

First up I think LA has finished climbing the charts for now. They possibly even peaked too soon for that matter and now they are dropping games and sparking some defensive questions as they nearly back their way into the playoffs. Chicago isn’t much off that as far as backing into the post season but with another game at home that they fail to get three points you pretty much have to think that way.

In the middle of the order New England jumps up big time thanks to another win over Seattle. I think New England has a shot at Chicago’s second place seating in the eastern conference but I’ll again point out that Steve Ralston injury worries the hell out of me for them. I know even with the way that Shalrie Joseph is playing right now, which is MVP form, the loss of Ralston is a big one to their offense that is already not one of the best in the league.

Near the bottom I shook some things up with Dallas getting a nod up thanks to a big win over Salt Lake. I pretty much think that clubs ranked 10 and below have no shot at the playoffs now. We knew Dallas, KC, San Jose and New York were in that boat for a while but now I am adding Salt Lake and very close to adding DC to that mix.

As always feel free to take  your shots at my rankings below.

Team Rank (Last Week) Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 12-4-10 46 pts. Just a couple wins shy of their second straight Supporter’s Shield trophies. Think most of us second guessed this club back in May.
2 (3) 12-8-7 43 pts. They get the bump up not because of LA and Chicago lack the ability to move up but because I like the fact the club re-signed Brian Ching to a long-term deal.
3 (4) 10-6-11 41 pts. Fire drop points at home again but their offense is showing more signs of life now that Brian McBride is back and good to go.
4 (2) 10-6-11 41 pts. Did LA peak too soon here? Starting to wonder if they are backing their way into the playoffs here.
5 (8) 10-8-7 37 pts. Shalrie Joseph better get some MVP votes (he’ll probably get mine if he stays on this form) but this season ending injury to Steve Ralston will do a number on their playoff chances.
6 (6) 11-9-5 38 pts. Draw at home against New York causes some concerns but their final slate is still fairly easy. I just don’t know if they will challenge LA or Houston for an automatic bid anymore from the west.
7 (5) 9-7-11 38 pts. Boy this club is dangerously close to falling out of contention here. Thankfully for them those battling below them aren’t doing well at the moment either.
8 (7) 10-8-9 39 pts. Another club I really battle back and forth with over their current playoff position. With a couple road games left I really question their chances.
9 (10) 9-10-8 35 pts. The own-goal wasn’t the only issue. Defensive mistakes cost this club a serious road win in Chicago. I still believe however their schedule sets them up nicely for a chance into the playoffs.
10 (9) 8-7-12 36 pts. With the injury to Josh Wicks I just don’t see this club reaching the playoffs this year.
11 (13) 8-12-6 30 pts. I said last year when Jeff Cunningham was traded from Toronto to Dallas that it was a deal that would really pay off in the long run for Dallas. Turns out it is.
12 (11) 9-11-7 34 pts. The playoff dream isn’t totally dead but it is dead in my eyes. Just too many clubs to over come with so little left.
13 (12) 8-11-7 31 pts. Not getting the result against Colorado pretty much summed up the season for this bunch. A whole lotta nothing.
14 (14) 6-12-6 23 pts. Some may forget that Ryan Johnson has scored nine goals this year for this offensively-challenged bunch.
15 (15) 4-17-6 18 pts. Two more points from 20 points. Can they do it? Two more road games and a home finale against a playoff hungry Toronto will certainly be tough.