Evening Links and Thoughts: U20s, Odds, and Philly

Evening Links and Thoughts: U20s, Odds, and Philly

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 28, 2009
  • Chester Stadium, Dilly Duka, Gale Agbossoumonde, Playoff Odds, U20 World Cup
Dilly Duka may be a guy we need to start getting use to seeing with the national team. (Getty Images)

Dilly Duka may be a guy we need to start getting use to seeing with the national team. (Getty Images)

Every once in a while people I usually disagree with get something right. I’m sure it happens with some of you where you hardly ever agree with me but I write something that is absolute truth for once. I know, it happens both ways. Anyways today was just that as Greg Lalas posted a story on SI.com about the U-20 National team loss to Germany over the weekend.

He said to not over react about the 3-0 loss to the German side. Why? No need to go crazy over a bunch of college kids getting beat in this tournament. First of all the US is in the group of death really and getting out of it alive will be nothing short of impressive from my viewpoint. Second of all he’s dead on, most of these kids aren’t playing against professional players all the time like the majority if not all of the German squad. They’re college kids with the exception of a handfull.

While the US doesn’t have any stand out players in this group that is in Egypt it does however have plenty of potential to be special. Most of you probably haven’t seen guys like Dilly Duka play at Rutgers or Gale Agbossoumonde play at USL-1’s Miami FC. Speaking of Agbossoumonde, how he hasn’t been picked up by a MLS squad yet is kind of sad if you ask me. Maybe next year he will be in a Philly uniform or a DC one (whoever in MLS were to sign him they’d have to transfer him since he signed a three-year deal with Miami).

Point is even should this group not succeed like the one prior to it in 2007 that went to the quarter-finals it won’t be the worst thing in the world. Its all about good experience for this bunch which will really only make the next crop stronger in my mind…not to mention make this strong as well. I just see the next group building even more so off whatever this group does.

So don’t freak out when you see that 3-0 scoreline. Germany was clearly the better side and don’t be shocked if Cameroon gives the US just as big of a test as the Germans did. ——————————————————————-

Time For Youth Transfer Fees?


Want a reason for youth players to get some transfer fees added on to a transfer from one of our MLS academies to the main MLS club to say a large European club? Some folks are wanting to see that start to happen. We all know that MLS clubs get transfer fees when a player goes on overseas usually but what about the youth team that brought him up? I like the idea of the youth team/program getting a little slice of the pie since they were the ones that really got the ball rolling on the kid to begin with. There’s more to it than that I’m sure but this is a great read.


Playoff Odds


If you are a fan of Columbus, San Jose or New York, just ignore this article over at Soccernet by Ives. We know Columbus is in and that New York has been eliminated from playoff contention since June, and San Jose is pretty dead in the water despite the win over DC this past weekend. Now Ives brings you each club’s odds to get into the playoffs. How he came to these numbers I do not now but they are fairly interesting enough to comment about. I’d honestly put KC and Dallas’ odds a bit higher than 30-1 and 40-1 respectively.


Philly Stadium Update


Wanna know why the Philly Stadium is just barely getting off the ground in its construction? Apparently it was a rainy summer up there. That slowed things down. Plus something about the economy being bad? All kidding aside, this article has an interesting interview with Philly CEO Nick Sakiewicz who wouldn’t give a definite figure on how much behind the stadium is right now.

Another interesting fact that I guess I hadn’t read before until today was their home opener will have a seating capacity of 37,000. I guess Union are taking after the Seattle mold in playing a game in a NFL stadium by possibly covering up some seats in the upper decks of the Linc? Sounds like a game plan to me.

Good to hear the club is closing in on a 10k season ticket number too. Just makes me wish that the ticket sales here in Dallas could even get to that number again!

  • Cannon Girl

    Go ahead Drewby, rub it in. Win or lose they're still MY team! 🙂

  • Cannon Girl

    Go ahead Drewby, rub it in. Win or lose they’re still MY team! 🙂