Evening Links and Thoughts: Coaching Hot Seat

Evening Links and Thoughts: Coaching Hot Seat

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 25, 2009
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I don’t have too much going into tonight’s Evening Links and Thoughts. I mainly wanted to touch base with the current coaching hot seat situation in Major League Soccer. I don’t expect any coaching changes to take place until at least after the regular season finishes here. Something crazy would have to take place for any of these teams below to even think about making a switch with so few games left.

I’ve gone back and forth on a couple coaches, which is why they may appear on the fringe of this list. But for the most part the top guys on this list are there for a reason and have a lot of work to do to get out of the hot seat.

Two clubs will are searching for a coach as we speak right now. Both New York and Kansas City have interim coaches and are probably keeping a very close eye on what’s going on around the league right now.

With that said here is what should be the final WVH Coaching Hot Seat of the year. The order is really just a list, I think each are just as much under fire as the next here.

Chris Cummins (Toronto FC): The only thing that may save this guy is a trip to the playoffs. With a workable schedule it is possible but any stumbles on the way only put more fuel on this man’s fire. This club has the talent but under Cummins they really haven’t progressed any more than they did under John Carver.

Tom Soehn (DC United): Again playoffs will save this guy but I still kind of wonder if that will even be enough at times. It could be safe to say that he will need to guide his team to the conference finals to really be safe from a pink slip here. This club has so much talent yet lacks any consistency to get solid results game after game.

Frank Yallop (San Jose Earthquakes): Yallop nearly fell in the fringe category for me but at the end of the day I just don’t know if this is working out in San Jose. It could also have something to do with the partnership with John Doyle in picking out talent that isn’t working out there. I don’t see a change coming this winter unless this club really bottoms out to finish the season. Look for his butt to remain hot going into next year. Year three is going to decide a lot in San Jose.

Jason Kreis (Real Salt Lake): Another guy that needs a playoff run to save his job. I still wish he would have become FC Dallas’ coach instead of RSL’s a couple years ago but it is what it is down here in Dallas. But back to Kreis and his job. Playoffs will certainly be enough to keep him around for another year but anything less and I have to believe he will be out of the door by the end of the calendar year.

The Fringe Category:

Schellas Hyndman (FC Dallas): There’s no way Hyndman will get canned in Dallas even though the team is pretty much a train wreck. Hyndman is building his club the way he wants it though and its just going to be a thing that Dallas fans have to wait out and see if it works. I’m on the fence to believe that it will work out for him in Dallas. Honestly you can’t keep signing former SMU players for this club, it just won’t work out well that way.

Denis Hamlett (Chicago Fire): With expectations so high this season surrounding this club, Hamlett really needs a deep run, if not actually making it to MLS Cup 2009 in Seattle to save his butt. I really believe that after this season the Fire are going to lose a lot of key guys and if they don’t finish well it could be Hamlett that sees a pink slip because of it. He’s on the fringe now due to where his club is at here this season but with how things have gone on in the locker room this year you have to wonder if he is the right fit for this club.

Preki (Chivas USA): Okay this one really isn’t about a pink slip. For some odd reason I have a feeling that no matter how Chivas finishes this season Preki will move on from Chivas USA to go to Kansas City. Just a gut feeling. He won’t get fired but he will some how resign as Chivas’s coach after the season. Call me crazy but I see that going down with him.