Evening Links and Thoughts: Portland, Dallas and more

Evening Links and Thoughts: Portland, Dallas and more

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 18, 2009
  • Kit Sponsors, Portland Expansion, San Jose Stadium, Thomas Rongen, U-20 National Team

I am glad to say it is Friday. Somehow this week has flown by me here but thankfully we have a weekend full of soccer ahead of us here. Two games tonight, with one just about underway in New York, and plenty more tomorrow and Sunday. Nearly every game has playoff implications surrounding them. I’d say all games do except for the Dallas-KC game, since those two really have no shot at the playoffs despite not being eliminated from contention yet.

Tonight I do have a couple links worth throwing out there with a couple other random thoughts mixed in.

First up a quick note about the progress of the U20 National team, who are on their way to play in the U20 World Cup later this month. Today they took down Trinidad and Tobago 2-0. Bryan Arguez and Brek Shea scored goals in friendly victory that was the final World Cup tune up for the squad. I know a lot was said yesterday about this club thanks to Thomas Rongen’s comments about the lack of depth if you will surrounding this year’s team.

The US is in a tough group with Germany, Cameroon and South Korea. Germany won the European qualifying for this tournament last year and Cameroon placed second in the African qualifying. Needless to say this could be a really difficult group for the US.

I’ve gotten word via email recently that we should see some San Jose stadium renderings very soon to go along with the other stadiums around the league in development in places like Kansas City and Houston. The club is expected to reveal designs for a new stadium this weekend. Also from what I’ve been told and read across these Internets is that this stadium won’t be anything special, so don’t get your hopes up for a super crazy design or something special like a Red Bull Arena or Rio Tinto Stadium.


Portland Expansion Rooted In Controversy


A very interesting article on SI.com today about Portland’s expansion process thus far. I love the line that called Portland owner Merritt Paulson Mark Cuban-like to go after what he wanted here. Paulson has done a lot of work to get the city a new stadium for the baseball team that he owns and for the city to give him money to revamp PGE Park so the Timbers could play in it.

There’s still a ways to go with Portland here I feel but we should still see the Timbers Army in MLS in two years time.


Old Dallas Document Talks Jersey Sponsor


Buzz Carrick posted this very interesting article today about an old PDF that circulated to potential jersey sponsors and a few others like Carrick. It posts some interesting numbers that are a couple years old now that tell what Dallas was looking for in a jersey sponsor. The numbers seem to be pretty on par with other team’s sponsorship deals right now. I still feel that Dallas is another year or so away from getting a sponsor. When you have a team that plays this poorly for nearly two straight years and your attendance is as terrible as Dallas’ is right now the sponsorship dollars just aren’t there for things like this.

Dallas along with Colorado, New England, and Kansas City still have yet to get kit sponsors. Colorado looks very close to getting one based on their current kits. As for the other two clubs, I don’t have any information at this time where they stand at getting a jersey sponsor. My money would be on KC beating the Revs to the sponsorship punch though.