Once A Red, Always A Red

Once A Red, Always A Red

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 17, 2009
  • Geoff Reid, Liverpool

Editor’s Note: Geoff Reid appears on WVHooligan each week. Today he returns with his weekly series on the life of a Liverpool fan in America. Feel free to leave Geoff a note below.

After four weeks of the English season gone so far, weíre already seeing some trends set in with Chelsea topping the league being unbeaten this far, Manchester City setting an interesting tone in their new spending power and with the club not competing in European competition at all it should be interesting in how Mark Hughes can balance the squad and keep everyone happy with rotating. At least the thought of European football would make it easier in that respect, but there is no doubt the blues will be playing against other clubs from the continent next season, itís just a question of which competition.

Liverpoolís start this season has many of the red half of Merseyside wondering if this team really has what it takes to challenge for honors this season. While itís far too early to tell what will happen, you have to be somewhat concerned with the inconsistent start. Lately, the team has won three matches in a row by beating Bolton, Burnley and Debrecen in the Champions League opener on Wednesday night. The performances themselves have not been of the highest standards to say the least, but the important thing is the team is winning games.

I felt the score line on Saturday against the Clarets was very flattering even though it was a comfortable 4-0 win in the end. The thing that stands out the most is Liverpool and the US national team have something in common: both have recently started matches very slow and lethargic. Most people agree before Rico Clark hit that beauty of a shot from distance in Port of Spain, the national team did not look good at all. Itís really amazing what a goal can do for a team. After the goal was scored, the team settled down and Clint Dempsey didnít look as lazy once he was moved up front. The same happened with the reds this past weekend. It wasnít until Israeli international Yossi Benayoun scored the first of his three goals, the team then started to have a new found energy about them, passed the ball better, movement off the ball was better and gave more confidence to the side as a whole. I just donít understand why both the US and Liverpool canít play that way right from the start. The concerning fact for me is against tougher competition if either side plays like that both the national team and the reds will be in serious trouble.

It was fantastic to see the Champions League return this past week and back at itís finest after seeing some cracking matches like the Standard Liege vs Arsenal matchup. Watching Liverpoolís opener against the Hungarian side Debrecen was not pretty, good overall performance and it must improve before the next match away to Fiorentina in Florence. The passing was not there, a lot of common sense was missing, even Steven Gerrard was making a lot of mistakes that is rare for him. The side should have scored more goals and going forward, Debrecen didnít look a bad side. Itíll be interesting to keep an eye on them this year. They certainly wonít be whipping boys thatís for sure.

Off the pitch, the club announced a new sponsorship partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, a London based global bank which along with the continued partnership Danish beer company Carlsburg, should give the club an increased revenue to 26 million pounds each year for the next four years with Standard Chartered to be the main shirt sponsor starting next season. Itís encouraging hearing the financial news surrounding the club these days are positive after hearing nothing but negative forecast prediction by people and the debt George Gillett and Tom Hicks had previously acquired to purchase the club outright built up. The news that the new stadium should be back on track is also encouraging when the global economic situation improves. There was also talk today of possibly a third minority owner come in and help fund the stadium to be built on Stanley Park. While Anfield has been a wonderful home and given myself and all other Liverpool fans who have been lucky enough to see matches there, the new, state of the art stadium with capacity much more higher then what Anfield currently holds (45,000) is a must to compete with both clubs from Manchester clubs, Arsenal and Chelsea. Arsenal did the same a few years ago leaving legendary Highbury for the Emirates Stadium. Iíve always described Anfield to my American friends when I was in college the English version of Fenway Park but you can easily compare Fenway to most old, English grounds.

The bottom line for the team right now is performances are starting to improve slowly.