Evening Links and Thoughts: Newcomer Talk, MLS-2, and SuperLiga

Evening Links and Thoughts: Newcomer Talk, MLS-2, and SuperLiga

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 16, 2009
  • David Ferriera, Eduardo Lillingston, Emmanuel Osei, Freddie Ljungberg, Fredy Montero, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Kasey Keller, Newcomer of the Year, Osvaldo Alonso

Fredy Montero. (Photo via Rick Morrison, www.digitaldadphotography.com)

Good evening folks. It’s been a rather slow day around the soccer world but there has been plenty of talk on one subject that has been pretty hot since late August, the possibility of a MLS-2. But more on that in a bit. And I have a link about SuperLiga below that is definitely worth a read.

I wanted to kickoff tonight’s thoughts/links with another look at the season awards. With a few weeks left in the 2009 season each award race is really hot right now. Tonight I want to look at the Newcomer of the Year award.

The newcomer award race pretty good this year, especially with one club the Seattle Sounders FC. That club has a chance to have three or four guys nominated for the award alone. Pretty crazy but that’s just how it worked with them this season.

Who’s on the watch list for this award? Below are the few that I think are gonna get consideration from me and other voters. And sadly most of my list below do revolve around Sounders players.

Fredy Montero (Seattle) – Pretty easy to say he may end up with this award based on his play. He’s one of the top goal scorers on the league and since the start of the season he has shown flashes of brilliance.

Osvaldo Alonso (Seattle) – Probably Montero’s biggest competition in this award is this former USL-1 star. Alonso is a beast in the midfield and has quickly become one of the best defensive midfielders in the league.

Freddie Ljungberg (Seattle) – No this has nothing to do with my biased towards Swedish players but Ljungberg has been a solid addition to the league and to Seattle since day one. When healthy he has proven to be one of the better DP signings in the league.

Kasey Keller (Seattle) – Weird to see this American keeper legend on this kind of list but it has been his first MLS season after all. No doubt he should have some consideration here because I really don’t see him winning the keeper of the year award (that should go elsewhere to Chivas’ Zach Thornton).

Jhon Kennedy Hurtado (Seattle) – The last of the Sounders for me on this list. He’s been one of the better defenders in the entire league this season.

Emmanuel Osei (New England) – Not a house hold name but believe me this guy has been a great addition to Steve Nicol’s side. As a defender his stats won’t amaze you but he’s been a rather solid rock in the defense for the Revs this season.

Eduardo Lillingston (Chivas USA) – His numbers aren’t bad (7 goals and 1 assist) but he doesn’t have the hype to get a lot of votes out west. Still he is worth a look for this award.

David Ferriera (Dallas) – It really took him a while to get use to the MLS style of play but honestly he hasn’t been a terrible signing after all for Schellas Hyndman and FC Dallas. Six goals and four assists this season really isn’t bad.

From the looks of things you gotta just pick a Sounder for this award because after that group the pickings are rather slim. And again, this award goes to non-rookies that are playing their first year in MLS.

Now for more fun talk. As mentioned there has been a lot of chatter today (and for the past month or so) about USL-1 owners forming their own league and possibly be known as MLS-2. Crazy talk I know, some call it a wet dream but others like me just call it crazy.

First of all even if there is a chance that the TOA (Team Owners Association) form their own league, which I still have a feeling won’t go down when it is all said and done, the chances of it being associated with MLS is very slim. Which means the chances for those wet dreams of promotion/relegation are very slim. Its a pipe dream really for those who hope for it.

Yes I do hear that the TOA is in talks with MLS.

MLS-2 is an option for this bunch but a very small one. Its just one of those things we just need to put to rest and move on from here.


SUM Explains SuperLiga


Very interesting interview by Boston Examiner reporter LE Eisenmenger about SUM’s marketing of the always interesting SuperLiga tournament. Its bold to say that they are trying their best to promote this tournament to the general fans out there. Okay, I know they are trying because I saw them try in Dallas a couple years ago. The thing about this tournament is the exposure for non-Spanish speaking fans in this country is weak. Believe me I’d watch these games on TV if I didn’t have to listen to it in Spanish.

This tournament has a chance to grow into something nice in the long run I do know that but it’s still a long way off from being anything that soccer fans here can really get excited over year-after-year.

  • puget sfc

    SuperLiga is the Europa League of CONCACAF

  • puget sfc

    SuperLiga is the Europa League of CONCACAF