Evening Links and Thoughts: Blanco, Playoffs, and More

Evening Links and Thoughts: Blanco, Playoffs, and More

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 15, 2009
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Just a few bits and pieces tonight. I’ve gotten a couple thoughts on some club’s playoff chances along with some info on Blanco’s future in the Windy City and some thoughts on an interesting interview with Peter Wilt.

First up the playoff talk. Most of you know I mention Sportsclubstats.com when I talk about playoff chances for each club. I followed that site regularly last year and again this season, so far it’s been pretty good at showing how each club is doing and what they need to do to get in the playoffs.

Well, another interesting site has popped up. Playoffstatus.com has an interesting MLS section on a few different things including playoff chances. They break things down a little differently and probably not as flashy as the other site but still worth looking at if you get the chance.

Below is what they have for playoff chances.


I know the font is a little small towards the bottom so I will explain it a little more.

The red X means the club has no shot in hell at making the playoffs (New York), the numbers in red with a percentage mean the club has no control over their own destiny at reaching a certain playoff spot, while on the flips side a number in green means the club does control their own destiny. One would argue every club controls their own fate no matter what but we will go with what they have for this time for argument sake.

Most interesting thing that I gathered from this is Chivas’ chances to crash the western conference automatic bid party this year. They were a lock the first months of the season to do so before their summer decline but now they could be back on the way up. It also doesn’t hurt that they have a real easy schedule from here on out (home games against New York, San Jose, KC; and a road trip to Chicago who owns one of the worst home records).

Still plenty of soccer to be played and nothing is really locked up except for New York’s elimination from the playoffs this year.

Blanco Not Ruling Out Chicago Return?


We all recall this quote from back in the winter:

“My contract will be done [after the 2009 season] and I will leave happy because I have great teammates. It’s a decision I made. I’m going to look for other options. I want to return to Mexico or see offers from another [MLS] team, but this is my last year with the Fire.”

Now it sounds like Blanco is taking a step back from that comment. Sounds like this season he has learned to love the Windy City a bit more than he thought he would and now he could be returning to the club even though his contract will be up. Do I see him re-signing with the Fire this winter? Maybe, its really too early to tell with him but with the amount of time he is getting with the Mexican national team I wouldn’t be shocked to see him stick around here.

I still don’t like the guy but I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing him stick around for another year.

Peter Wilt Talking New York


I’ve always been a big Peter Wilt guy. He’s one of those guys that really loves the game here and does a very good job hyping it up in whatever position he is doing. Right now he is with the WPS’s Chicago Red Stars (great name by the way) but he isn’t ruling out a return to MLS, possibly with New York. Honestly, Peter stay in Chicago.

Purdy Gets Released and Re-signed All In A Week


Must have been a rough few days for Steve Purdy. First you learn your getting let go by FC Dallas but now your being brought back so the club can place injured defender Anthony Wallace on the IR. Interesting nonetheless but I do kind of see this as a move for the future and not the present for FC Dallas. I kind of thing this is Dallas preparing for the up-coming expansion draft later this year. I know call me crazy but I just see this move being something like that.