Evening Links and Thoughts: Playoffs and USL

Evening Links and Thoughts: Playoffs and USL

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 31, 2009
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I’ve been a little busy today so the links will be fairly light tonight. I guess that’s what you can expect when it is the week of your wedding and you have loads of things to do other than write on a blog. But I will have more on that in a couple days.

Tonight I want to really get into a couple things here. First being the current playoff chances for each MLS club thanks to the wonderful SportsClubStats.com and the second being the on-going situation with the USL owners.

I’ll be quick with the playoffs here as I’ve already given you all my thoughts on the matter earlier in the day. I just wanted to post the current chances for each club according to the site above. For those of you who like to see percentages and what not in terms of each club, this site is pretty good. May not totally accurate but more times than not they seem to be pretty dead on about where each club stands.

playoffs1Just like we’ve been saying on here that Dallas, KC, San Jose and New York are all pretty much out of it. Well New York is out. Toronto’s chances have taken a huge hit lately and even with the two wins this past week RSL’s chances haven’t improved that much.

Still a lot to be played though, a lot to be played.

Now on to the topic of the USL and their owners. Earlier today I read this release about a few of the owners discussing their potential moves for the future.

So the owners of the Atlanta Silverbacks, the Carolina RailHawks, Miami FC, the Minnesota Thunder, Montreal Impact, St. Louis Soccer United, the Tampa Bay Rowdies and the Vancouver Whitecaps, are all exploring their options. Interesting. Still a few other USL sides that aren’t in this mix like Portland, Austin, Rochester, Charleston, Cleveland, and Puerto Rico.

Interesting seeing Portland out of the mix here. I guess Merritt Paulson is so convinced that he’s gotten all his ducks in a row for his MLS bid that he doesn’t need to concern himself or his club with this situation for the time being while both Montreal and Vancouver’s owners are.

I have a feeling this is going to continue to be a messy and sticky situation here.

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    I hope that USL will remain competitive.

  • I hope that USL will remain competitive.