MLS Not Buying USL

MLS Not Buying USL

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 25, 2009
  • Nike, USL

We all know that the sister league to Major League Soccer is for sale. Nike who owns a majority in the United Soccer Leagues has put up their stake in the league up for sale. One group that won’t be buying however is MLS.

“We recently evaluated the opportunity to purchase the U.S.L., but elected to not submit a bid for the league,” Dan Courtemanche, a senior vice president for marketing and communications at M.L.S., said in an e-mail message to New York Times’s Jack Bell.

Now some out there wanted MLS to buy the USL to start a few things, first being the lovely promotion/regulation system that other leagues use. Before we go down that path, I’ll just say the league will never go for that. Never. Ever.

Bell also mentions in his article that there could be some anti-trust issues with buying clubs that were pretty much owned by Nike since the league has an agreement with adidas right now.

So who is interested? Bell mentions that the USL Miami side’s owners from Brazil could be the group to step up and take over the league. Traffic, the Brazil-based group is believed to be working with the owners of several other USL-1 teams to try to buy the league from Nike.

Keeping it in house with people already familiar with the league should help it out. In a way I have to say I am glad to see MLS be out of the running for this. It just didn’t add up to me.

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    THis is great to hear. Players will have more options.

  • THis is great to hear. Players will have more options.