Evening Links and Thoughts

Evening Links and Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 24, 2009
  • Evening Links and Thoughts, Houston Stadium, Jozy Altidore, Richie Williams, Zach Thornton

Sometimes we get caught up in things and forget about a few important others out there that are right in front of us. For the New York Red Bulls, getting Juan Carlos Osorio out of the picture meant we could remember someone who can actually coach in this league. Of course I am talking about Richie Williams.

Now I’m not saying Richie Williams should be the next New York coach, because let’s face it the Red Bulls front office brass aren’t smart enough to hire him for the full-time gig anyways. They didn’t do it before when they took over a few years ago and they won’t do it now.

Sad too since Williams should be a head coach in this league and will eventually get his chance to someday soon.

But you want some fun perspective about Williams? He is the club’s best coach in the history of the club. I’m not even kidding. Brad Lewis wrote this yesterday about William’s return to the main seat and the proof is how they say in the pudding:

Williams coached the team to a 4-3-2 record in all competitions after Mo Johnston got sacked in 2006, including 3-3-2 in eight league games. It’s a sad indictment of this woebegone club that now, with 14 points in his nine league games, that’s statistically the most successful tenure ever as coach. No, seriously.

Only Carlos Queiroz (34 in 24 for 1.42 ppg) and go-for-broke Octavio Zambrano (who eschewed ties and amassed 131 points in 85 games for 1.54 ppg) come close. With today’s win, Williams jumped up to 1.55 ppg and leapfrogged both of them by getting this dysfunctional and dispirited team to band together and work for each other for 90 minutes.

I love when things are like that for a club that just can’t seem to figure it out. The answer is right in front of them and yet they still will screw the next coaching hire up.

More on the Red Bulls Future


SBI got a big long interview with Red Bull front-man Erik Stover about the state of things surrounding the club. A lot of usual management speak out of Stover here. But still worth a read to see what he has to say about the club’s future going forward here. All I can say it is a long and bumpy road ahead for this club.

Houston Stadium Getting Closer


There has been a lot of money and tax hold up in the Houston Dynamo stadium situation but it is getting closer and closer here. The Houston Chronicle says the deal is in the home stretch and that can only mean we are closer to seeing some shovels in the ground.

Thornton’s 2009 Successes


Zach Thornton’s successes this season have been well documented and talked about on here and other places this season. Hard to believe Thornton has eight shutouts this season! If you had told me at the start of the season that he would have done that I would have thought you were crazy!

I have to say thought he is easily on the fast track for Comeback Player of the Year and possibly Goalkeeper of the Year this season.

Jozy Experiment Going Well So Far


Not a bad start to his EPL life for Jozy Alitdore. He comes in late in the game for Hull and quickly helps his club to a game-winning goal. I like this Big Soccer post because of the fun Twitter comments from Jozy. Its a decent read.