Evening Links and Thoughts

Evening Links and Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 20, 2009
  • Evening Links and Thoughts, FSC

Almost the end of the week here as Friday gets closer by the second. Tonight I’ve got a couple links and items to discuss. Pretty much they are all MLS based, with some reactions to stuff that people wrote earlier in the day.

First up I want to get into a post that Steve Goff wrote earlier today about the lack of quality on Tuesday night’s FSC broadcast of the CONCACAF Champions League. I bring it up first since it is really a couple days old but I felt it was worth repeating since FSC as we all know is getting loads more soccer coming its way this fall with the Champions League and what not. Sorry if it is old news to you but I enjoy a good rant about FSC as much as the next guy.

Here’s what Goff had to say:

For those of you who did watch…..

I think we are all in agreement that Janicki was a disaster — poor footwork, no confidence, slow reaction. The second-worst performance of the night was offered by Fox Soccer Channel play-by-play announcer Christian Miles, who…..

…..continues to refer to former DCU goalie Louis Crayton as “Luiz” or “Luis” Crayton. He’s Liberian, not Brazilian.

…..promoted the Galaxy-United game on FSC Saturday by saying Los Angeles would be without David Beckham. He’s sitting out Wednesday at Chicago.

…..suggested that Devon McTavish was in an “unaccustomed role” on the right side of midfield. McTavish has played there often the past few years.

…..said in the second half that the referee had yet to issue a yellow when he had already given two.

Not Miles’s fault, but the DCU lineup graphic included “No. 99 Mario Rodriguez.”

Look, I love FSC as much as anyone and appreciate the network’s commitment to the sport and the variety of matches. In defense of the announcers and behind-the-scenes folks, calling and producing a live game taking place in Central America from a studio in Los Angeles is not easy. That said, we deserve better.

The last sentence says it all in my opinion. I’ve been saying a lot of the same things about FSC for years. I love the passion they put into their work but time and time again it comes up empty, unprepared, and over pronounced.

Now calling a game from a studio has always been the downfall of FSC though, which a majority of their broadcasts are from a LA studio. Few guys can pull off a good studio broadcast and not sound like they are calling the game from a hollow cell. If I were the executives at that network I would find them.

But enough bitching about FSC for one night…I know a couple of those guys aren’t too bad in real life, while a couple are as big of douche bags as you’d think.

Moving on…

MLS in CCL Good So Far, But Do They Care?


Good points by Steve Davis on how MLS clubs are doing in the CCL so far. As we all know the league is doing rather well to start out with this year with a 2-1 record (wins by Houston and Columbus; a loss by DC). But the thing about this tournament, same with SuperLiga is that no one really cares about it due to its lack of public recognition.

Nobody knows about Champions League. The tournament has no brand recognition, no real equity. A team could get to semis and not get a sniff on widespread media.

I don’t know what it will take to get folks excited about this tournament here. I have a feeling things aren’t that much different in countries like Mexico or Honduras for this event. We know its suppose to replicate the idea of the UEFA Champions League but with no mainstream media picking up on our region’s tournament you have to wonder if it will even have a shot at becoming nearly half as good as the UEFA version.

Move San Jose? Again?


Some hate Bill Archer, others love him. Today he returns with a slew of stuff, the biggest being on San Jose. If you haven’t read it by now do yourself a favor and read his thoughts on the mess by the Bay. I suppose in a way San Jose is the black-eye of expansion in this league when you put them up against all past expansion. Okay, maybe Miami was since they were contracted by the league but you see my point I hope.

While I don’t see the league or Don Garber giving up on San Jose this quickly again I do wonder how long it will take before we start hearing the threats from The Don to the city again about getting a stadium together.

I don’t want to see this club moved but things do need to change, I totally understand that much.

New England Stadium Talk…is Talk


Some will get overly excited about this article, that’s why it ends up here on the evening news. A reporter up in New England talks yet again about the Revs and a stadium. Its the same points we’ve been hearing for four or five years now. The club is committed to getting a stadium but we’ve known that forever now. Talk is talk but doing is it completely different and better.

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    Please dont move San Jose again.

  • Please dont move San Jose again.