WVH Power Rankings: Week 22

WVH Power Rankings: Week 22

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 18, 2009
  • 2009 Week 22, MLS Power Rankings

Another week is in the books for Major League Soccer, this time however we have a new number one. Due to Houston’s recent form and Columbus’ recent stellar play it was only fitting to finally switch the two conference leaders around in the order.

Elsewhere there was plenty of movement. DC fell further down the list after a listless performance in Toronto. Speaking of the Reds they gained a lot in that win in the standings and in the rankings here. Seattle found a road win which helped move them back up.

Dallas had a nice couple weeks but their 10th loss of the season stung a good bit, they are back down in their old spot at number 12.

Feel free as always to leave your thoughts below on this week’s rankings.

Team Rank (Last Week) Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (2) 10-3-9 39 pts. Finally giving them their due at the top. When you got five straight while missing some of your best talent it really speaks to as how good this club really is.
2 (1) 11-6-6 39 pts. I’m not knocking how the Dynamo have done this season but lately they have been slipping. The road point in Salt Lake will prove to be big later on I think though.
3 (4) 9-4-8 35 pts. Best road team in the league without a doubt. Just wonder if this bunch will realize just how good they really are here though.
4 (6) 8-5-8 32 pts. Sure LA was down a man for most of the match, even down two at one point but it was good to see Sigi Schmid’s group find a way to win a tough road game here.
5 (3) 7-4-10 31 pts. You can’t win with nine men on most days. Still this was one of those chances the Galaxy stumbled on.
6 (7) 8-6-6 30 pts. This group always seems to get a buy week after a big win, let’s see if they can carry momentum this time around into their next game at Chicago.
7 (8) 8-7-6 30 pts. TFC finally gave me a reason to think they’d be in the playoffs this season with that win over DC.
8 (5) 6-5-10 28 pts. Starting to get the sense that this could be a very long two month stretch for Tom Soehn’s club.
9 (10) 9-7-3 30 pts. Nothing like a trip to New York to cure the blues of a two month skid.
10 (9) 7-8-6 27 pts. Dropping points at home this late in the season is not an option for this club.
11 (12) 6-6-6 24 pts. No games but got the nod back up the list. Big 10 day stretch ahead with three games.
12 (11) 6-10-5 23 pts. Hello double-digit loss column.
13 (13) 5-8-6 21 pts. New coach, same old story.
14 (14) 4-11-5 17 pts. At least this club is trying to make changes to get better. They’ve added a couple more parts over the last couple weeks.
15 (15) 2-16-4 10 pts. Only eight more games left.