US-Mexico Preview

US-Mexico Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 12, 2009
  • 2010 World Cup, Mexico, World Cup qualifying

I keep going over a few different things in my head for this big game today. While we all know the US has never won in Mexico I do feel that this time things could be different. At the very least a draw would be huge but a win would easily signal a trip to South Africa for this bunch.

So what steps do the US need to take to get a least a point out of this trip to the Azteca? I’ve jotted down a few key points that need to take place in order for a good result this afternoon.

Handle The Crowd and Attack Early

Let’s face it, this Mexico bunch is under way more pressure to do well in this game than our bunch. They may also have a false sense of confidence after the Gold Cup too which could come in handy. They know how important this game is to them and their fans so for the US they have to hold Mexico’s attack early. Mexico will come out early and often in this one to keep the crowd going and because they know an early goal would go a long way in getting three points.

Get The Crowd Off Their Back

If the US can handle Mexico for the first 20 or so of the game, they may be able to turn the Mexican crowd on their own bunch. How so? It is simple really, getting a goal on a counter-attack or just holding the Mexican attack to nothing will get this 100,000+ bunch even more angry. Expect things to turn quickly at the Azteca if things don’t go right for the boys in green.

Get Landon The Freakin’ Ball

The US need to play to their strengths today on the road, and part of that means playing through Landon Donovan as much as possible. He’s really put this group on his back this summer and I cannot see him doing anything different in this one. Using his speed in the attack to go at Mexican defenders will also be key.

Holding Possession

The US cannot give up silly mistakes in the midfield and on the wings. Mexico will eat them alive all afternoon if they do. Containing the pressure on the wings will be key. Gio Dos Santos is one fast dude and his counterpart Guarado isn’t too shabby either. Ricardo Clark needs to stay out of foul trouble in this one and contain these boys, along with Michael Bradley.

Staying Focused and Hungry

Going down early will be a tough thing to do in this one but giving up late goals is also never an easy pill to swallow. The US just need to stay focused for 90 minutes+ today and also stay hungry in their offensive third. Chances could be low today so they need to make everyone count.

Quick Thoughts:

This one is big, we get it but as we get closer to it we also need to realize once again that the pressue isn’t on our boys to do well today. The pressure is squarely on Mexico. I think the pressue could get to them which is why I feel the US will get a point out of this trip. A draw is what we need out of this game.

WVH Prediction: Mexico 1, USA 1